How 'strong smart grid'

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] How 'strong smart grid' heibaocjp P according to state grid corporation chairman him to explain, the smart grid should be a 'grid' strong, strength is the basis of the smart grid, smart is the key to give full play to the role of strong power grid, the two complement each other, harmonious and unified. State grid planning, 'strong' smart grid construction is divided into three stages. 吗? For planning pilot stage, the key to carry out the strong smart grid development planning, formulation technology and governance standards, carry out the key technology research and development, equipment development and the pilot job of each link; 吗? For the comprehensive construction stage, speed up the construction of north China, east China, central China 'three China' uhv grid synchronization, initially formed the smart grid operation control and interactive service system, achieve a major breakthrough in the key technology and equipment and widely used; 吗? Years as the leading phase of ascension, completed a unified strong smart grid, the technology and equipment has reached the international advanced level in an all-round way. 'The state grid every year on the smart grid investment in one hundred million yuan. State grid energy research institute 'the Zhang Yunzhou financial country weekly told reporters. The date of the latest news is that, state grid corporation 'two pay has been' ( Huainan - Nanjing - Shanghai, XiMeng - Shandong, east ningxia - Zhejiang) Uhv project officially started. However, the National Development and Reform Commission energy research institute wen-ke han believes that the smart grid in addition to emphasize the content of the national grid company, the future development of flexibility, more emphasis on power grid more often the user side tilt. Because of the smart grid, eventually to achieve the goal, is in a stable, safe, economic, convenient, on the basis of can let people put the power use up more fully. 'The country has issued the energy development strategy plan of action ( 吗? Years) ', which clearly put forward the development of new energy such as water and electricity, wind power, photovoltaic, this means that the grid 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning need to match, solve the abandon of wind, abandoned water, discard the entire problem. 'The National Energy Administration' twelfth five-year 'planning expert group members de-wen zeng said to' national financial weekly 'reporter. The main contents include the smart grid development, the development of renewable energy construction and given planning; Clean power source such as natural gas and nuclear power construction planning; Energy storage power supply ( Including energy storage device) Construction planning; The electric car charge and discharge facilities construction planning; Demand response resource integration reserves planning; Distributed power small micro power grid construction planning, etc. Predictably, 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' power grid planning will follow with 'green, high efficiency' as the ultimate goal of guiding ideology for preparation. Zhang Yunzhou also said that under the wave of a new round of reform of state-owned enterprises, the state grid has been basically determined in uhv dc, electric car charger for electric facilities and pumped storage power station three areas the mixed ownership reform, these three aspects is an important part of smart grid. That is to say, the smart grid is not its 'monologue'.
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