High-speed rail 'rush' big MAC set sail out to sea to drive cable industry

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] High-speed rail industry 'rush' big MAC set sail out to sea to drive cable globledata P for China's high iron 'go out' tailor-made car in China co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'car' in Chinese) Way, relying on the 'big MAC' a world class rail transportation equipment, China railway equipment manufacturing enterprise products, technology, capital, 'go out' gaining momentum, and cable as indispensable an important railway equipment will also benefit. Since the end of last year the car merger plan released just three months time, the Chinese leadership in the car on the date of the State Council executive meeting of brewing mature. And according to the personage inside course of study says, the north and the south fastest car merge in this year. North and south car merger means the birth of the 'big MAC' a world-class transit. Previously, CNR and CSR is ranked top two rail transit equipment market, after the two merged sales revenue is equivalent to a tailer combined. The current railway equipment manufacturing technology in China are already in the international advanced level, with strong international competitiveness. And relying on the civil car core technology advantages, speed up the implementation of the strategy of 'going out' at the same time, China's railway equipment manufacturing enterprise products, technology, capital, will also take advantage of an opportunity to 'go out'. In fact, since the accession to the wto, China railway 'go out'. According to statistics, China's export vehicles by years of less than $growth to years. Hundred million dollars, with an average annual growth rate. %, compared with the national foreign trade export growth. Two percentage points. Years, locomotive vehicle export growth. %, is in the same period of China's foreign trade export growth. Years, China railway 'go out' the momentum is fierce. Since the two countries signed last year, including high-speed rail, memorandum of understanding in the field of several major projects. Vice President of China north Yu Pingzeng in mid-july, said the north with a national communication projects, Russia's fastest don't meet the high-speed and high-speed development in Thailand. High-speed rail project bidding at the end of India, many countries, including China's enterprises, enterprises to participate in the bid. In addition, the article km high-speed rail projects in Thailand, Indonesia km of urban rail, km high-speed rail projects are also bidding of Malaysia. The personage inside course of study says, with the support of the government, the probability of winning or part of the construction of Chinese enterprises. In addition, according to incomplete statistics, China's official confirmed that the overseas for high-speed rail projects including new high-speed, high-speed, high-speed rail projects in Thailand, California, USA, Mexico, high-speed rail, high-speed rail projects such as Turkey. All the way in the 'area' development strategy, including railway, China and Thailand railway, Hungary and rail, and a brief kazan in Moscow, Russia, high-speed rail, tanzania-zambia railway projects are actively promoting. As the pace of 'going out' of China railway acceleration, China railway equipment manufacturing is from the initial equipment supply lead, technology leading to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the whole industry chain, the output change. Domestic cable with price advantage, and stable quality, in the tide of China's railway 'going out', the domestic wire and cable companies have reason to also have strength hopeful about the future.
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