Five-year power equipment in our country needs a breakthrough in the seven

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Five-year power equipment in our country needs a breakthrough in the seven sanewcable P 'in recent years, the equipment manufacturing industry in our country has made great achievements, especially in the energy sector. But we think you also need to improve, during the '12th five-year' hope in some breakthroughs in key areas. 'Month, the National Energy Administration to energy conservation and technology equipment department director li zhi in the' China's high-end equipment industry development peak BBS 'said. It is understood that in the last period of '11th five-year plan' period, the machinery industry made great achievements in our country, the industry scale, technical level increased significantly, significantly enhance the international competitiveness, become a veritable equipment manufacturer. According to the national '11th five-year plan' achievement, director-general of the department of ministry of machinery industry has revealed a picture of wood, - Years, the added value of equipment industry in China, the average annual growth of more than % of the world's biggest power equipment production. In the past years, maintain a steady and rapid growth equipment industry in China, made important contribution to the whole industrial economic turnaround. A month before the equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size industrial added value year-on-year growth %, realize the main business income of nearly one trillion yuan, year-on-year growth %, total profit of more than one hundred million yuan, year-on-year growth %. Electrical appliances industry output growth more than %. At the same time, the '11th five-year plan' period, obviously improve the technology level of the equipment manufacturing industry in China, some major technical equipment reach the world advanced level, complete sets of equipment industry ability get promoted. Currently under construction in mega kilowatt nuclear power unit integrated localization rate of %. Demonstrative project of uhv equipment localization rate of more than %; The national power generation with a total installed capacity, the proportion of domestic units also have more than %. High technology products, the proportion of high value-added products, and constantly improve, make the product structure is also improved. Among them, the power equipment enterprises adapted to market demand, strengthen independent innovation, vigorously develop new products, make nuclear power, wind power products such as a new growth engine. A batch of major equipment began to go abroad, to enter the international market, achieved by the 'deficit' to 'surplus' historical turning point. 'In the equipment manufacturing industry in China will continue to maintain steady and rapid growth, industrial added value for the whole year is expected to year-on-year growth % about. 'A picture of wooden predicts. Obviously, the equipment manufacturing industry in our country have made many achievements and future development situation is good, but li zhi, points out that its still have deficiencies, need to improve the 'twelfth five-year' period. 'Twelfth five-year' improvement 'as is known to all, China's wind power industry in the development of the' twelfth five-year 'period will be a new step. But I hope you will be more focus on wind power generation not installed base, which involves the interconnection problems, there is also a fan quality problems. 'Said li zhi,' fan running in the bad environment, very not easy to achieve high reliability, high life, Germany can realize free maintenance of the fan is in recent years, so the next step we will continue to strengthen the quality, in order to avoid the national land are windmills, but there's not much on generating a year. At the same time, in the field of wind power, we want to create a real two can stand up in the world. 'Regarding this, li zhi, points out that' twelfth five-year 'period, first of all need to be solved in the field of energy equipment is highly fan quality issues of concern to interested parties. The second is hooked up to the problem. Because many renewable energy power generation has the characteristics of intermittent, need to use when the grid converter frequency conversion equipment, and this kind of equipment core technology is power electronics and automation control technology, it has always been a weakness of our country. 'This is very obvious in the field of energy equipment, a lot of the machine we can all production, but not when it comes to the control system. 'Li zhi said. And also because of this, make a lot of foreign enterprises in our country easily make enough excess profits. Mw wind power converter, for example, can't work in our country, some foreign companies bidding quoted price is RMB ten thousand each, and when the member of China's naval engineering university hong developed by leading the mw permanent magnet direct-drive wind power after the success of the converter, the foreign company will immediately product price down to $ten thousand more per unit. In recent years, major technical equipment manufacture in China has been greatly reduced the energy project construction cost, domestic equipment prices generally lower than similar imported equipment / ~ /, strengthen the competitiveness of the energy industry and market dynamics, obviously, 'twelfth five-year' period, the work will continue.
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