Building energy efficiency in four big obstacle

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Building energy conservation implementation in four big obstacle globledata P building energy efficiency in four big obstacle, unbalanced development, new construction energy conservation work across the gap between rural and urban areas. The four major obstacle are respectively, the newly built building energy saving standards of regulatory system is not perfect; Low energy saving technology application, high cost, developers enthusiasm is poor; To promote rural construction energy conservation, is building materials to the countryside, matching funds do not reach the designated position; The lack of corresponding to the rural environment in China strong and durable, convenient construction, low cost, energy saving technology. The reporter understands from hebei living building hall, some of the department in charge of building energy efficiency of administrative enforcement of law consciousness is not strong, some building energy efficiency design standardization and precision is not enough, can not effectively guide the construction, lead to the construction site random change of energy saving design, jerry is often happened. At the same time, some construction under the condition of the imperfect construction standards, technology promote the use of external wall thermal insulation material, cause the quality hidden trouble. Parts to the Buddha said, 'there is heavy construction, light regulation phenomenon. We check out of the question, but every problem with rectification is not reality, this requires a lot of money and manpower, local government and developers don't want to go to the rectification. Wall change Yang Quancheng tells a reporter, director of the office, 'anhui province' is now a serious shortage of the whole society's emphasis on building energy efficiency degree, real estate enterprises for energy saving and investment too little attention. Compared with Europe, Japan, China's building energy efficiency and is still a big gap between research and application of building materials. 'Guizhou province architectural design and research institute deputy chief engineer Liu Wuyi said, energy saving construction cost is higher than ordinary buildings. In countries without a clear energy saving standards enforced, developer and contractor driven by interests, will be one thousand tries to cut corners in order to reduce the cost of construction. Especially in less developed areas such as guizhou, house as long as according to the 'no collapse not fire' minimum standards for construction, will have no one to buy. Some developers reflects, 'I don't spend more money, I don't go to attend the star rating efficiency standards, they can make money. 'Guizhou liupanshui city live built bureau, director of the center for new type wall materials innovation and building energy conservation ZangChaoLi said, energy-saving doors and Windows thin, lightweight insulation brick, ceramic tile, water-saving sanitary ware, water-based coatings such as green building materials products in rural utility ratio is low. Investigate its reason, on the one hand, is the villagers of green energy-saving consciousness to improve; On the other hand the increased cost of is turned off many villagers. At the same time, the necessary capital can't arrive on time, especially the local matching funds of delay. 'Rural construction or bricks is given priority to, with little use for green building materials and energy-saving technologies, the construction waste of energy. 'Said Zhang Jingting, providing rural energy saving technology can meet the requirements of production, living, provide the scattered operation, able to adapt to the construction technology content is low, the energy saving technology of low cost, is the developing direction of energy saving and rural construction integration.
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