Bimetallic wire will become one of the ideal products for overhead high voltage cables

by:AAA     2020-04-02
At present, a new type of cable core-- Bimetallic wires are quietly opening up the market. Cable Enterprises have pushed the enterprises to a new stage of development by developing various bimetallic wires and composite wires. Bimetallic wire is mainly made up of copper-clad aluminum wire or copper-clad steel wire. As The Wire and Cable move towards the development stage of light weight, high strength, high conductivity, antimagnetic and corrosion resistance, bimetallic wire will replace steel core reinforced aluminum stranded wire as an ideal product for overhead high voltage cables. Whether it is through repeated tests or from the laying experience at home and abroad, bimetallic wires such as copper-clad aluminum wire and copper-clad steel wire have unique advantages in performance. First, it has good ductility and machinability. Copper-clad aluminum wire and copper-clad steel wire can be drawn and annealed like pure copper wire, and can be further processed into copper-clad enameled wire and silver-plated and tin-plated copper-clad steel wire. Second, it has unique composite properties. The copper-clad aluminum wire has the composite characteristic of both the electrical conductivity of copper and the low density of aluminum, while the copper-clad steel wire combines the electrical conductivity of copper with the high strength of steel, tin-plated copper-clad steel wire exerts the weldability and vulcanization resistance of tin, while silver-plated copper-clad steel wire improves electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The third is to have obvious economic benefits. The density of copper clad aluminum wire is only 36 of that of pure copper wire. 5%-41. 6%, its length is 1/2 of pure copper wire of the same weight and diameter. 45-1/2. The tensile strength of copper clad steel wire with the same weight and diameter is 65 times higher than that of pure copper wire 1. 6-More than 2 times. Therefore, using the length or strength of the wire to produce the wire and cable will greatly reduce the production cost. The fourth is significant social and environmental benefits. Copper-clad aluminum wire and copper-clad steel wire can save a lot of scarce copper resources, reduce the weight of cables, facilitate transportation and network construction, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and the production process of coating welding method does not pollute the environment. Therefore, copper-clad aluminum wire and copper-clad steel wire not only have broad market prospects, but also expand the scope of application. Bimetallic wire is a new generation product with a wide range of applications, it is mainly used in the fields of high frequency signal transmission such as power, electronics and communication, as well as aviation, aerospace, underwater vehicles, electronic components connectors, computers, instruments and meters coil connection lines, motors, transformer windings, TV degaussing coils and deflection coil, special high conductivity stranded wire, radio frequency shielding network and other fields.
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