2015 submarine cable network engineering to hainan transmission break through 400 million KWH

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Submarine cables to hainan transmission network engineering breakthroughs million kilowatt hour cabhr P month this year, hainan power consumption rose in the whole society. %, electricity growth strong, expected the million kilowatt hours of electricity demand, electricity supply is more nervous. It is predicted that, in the biggest power gaps will be put into kw, a serious shortage of supply during summer peaks. Recently, the national energy bureau issued 'notice about ease in hainan electric power supply and demand contradiction, mainly southern power grid company general manager, deputy general manager liang-you wang to make a comment: continue to press tour to his request, further completes the network with hainan lines, such as submarine cable equipment operational work. On the premise of ensuring security, good networking line should play the role of power and system backup. At present, the hainan networking engineering power load for a day. Highest into kw (kilowatts, A full kilowatts) 。 As hainan networking system operational units, ultra-high pressure company attaches great importance to production safety, to arrive, the implementation of the security responsibility to people. Recently, the revision has released the year cross-sea power network system to increase power and special summer peaks in hainan work plan, set up the increased power and haikou bureau work leading group, summer peaks rota leadership shift ways to form the whole time, coordinated to solve related problems existing in the safety in production. Ehv company guangzhou branch bureau of haikou organizations at all levels to study and implement the new system of the production safety law and other laws and regulations, and against the law for verification post responsibility, scope of business and the working process, step by step a step by step to carry out the responsibility. Establishment issued by the education training work in lifting scheme, layered, grading, professional education training work of haikou bureau mechanism, further improve the submarine cable operations staff job competencies, with technical skills of ascension, to ensure the security responsibility to carry out the board in place. At the same time, the ultrahigh pressure company fully application of new technology, new equipment, use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) carry out patrol in historical anchor concentration areas. The driving of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) total flight time, so far, of which the risk of submarine cable intervention driving time, line patrol car, defect has not been found in the process of operation. Since this year, ultra-high pressure company with the disposal of anchor events, year-on-year decline in %, submarine cable safety situation is stable.
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