| 2015 5 big trend of wind power and other new energy industry

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] | in the trend of wind power and other new energy industry heibaocjp P Wire Show cable exhibition 】 We have entered years, say the trend has not exactly, and use the word a year's time to define trends also is not accurate, so, the author here is only for those that already exist, and those in years will continue to expand, effect of new energy. 。 Photovoltaic industry continue to power, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences published a report forecast, in - Years, the global pv industry will new power will remain in % more growth. Installed capacity increase was mainly the result of technological progress and reduce costs. In the past year, global pv installed capacity and power are on the rise, among them, China, Japan, the United States, India and Britain grew faster. It is important to note that these countries for photovoltaic (pv) stimulus is different, and the photovoltaic industry got strong growth, more proves that the vitality of the photovoltaic industry itself. More rare is, in Africa, South America, Central America, central Asia, eastern Europe and other countries and regions, solar photovoltaic industry is also expanding scale. So to predict in photovoltaic industry, we can only say that it will last, from the desert on a large scale solar power plants to the rooftop solar power, we will be in more places in solar photovoltaic power generation facilities. 。 Wind power new power stable growth also came from the academy of social sciences forecast: global wind power in new power will remain more than % growth. From a global perspective, wind power is increasingly branching out to the existing wind power, wind power in the sustainable development; In countries without wind, running a wind turbine being erected. In some African countries, and some countries in Latin America, the wind is from scratch with great power. Specific to our country, year, onshore wind power will face a feed-in tariff cut expectations. The industry is still in worry, before February 2nd, wind power industry will usher in rob tide. Years, however, there is no doubt that witness to accelerate the development of offshore wind power in China. Academy of social sciences forecast, the future China's wind power in new power scale will maintain steady growth, to enhance the profitability, the healthy development of wind power industry is expected to be. But there are also worried that, according to the lower price will affect the footnote of renewable energy sources such as wind power. In fact, the wind power investment payback period is very long, so, value investors tend to be more long-term investment returns, they of new energy sources such as wind power, also won't be affected by the short-term fluctuations in oil prices. For wind power achievements precise enough in the future. In many parts of the world, wind power has become the lowest cost of power generation mode, and its cost is still declining. 。 Energy storage industry come to the fore, we see a lot of energy storage company from start-up stage into commercial production period, some companies have even skip the pilot stage, with strong financial and technical support directly realized commercialization. These energy storage company is to show us the exciting business performance or a vision of development goals. But obviously, as an emerging industry, energy storage industry can also go through several rounds of shuffling casting out a mature market. The good news is, however, from the Angle of cost reduction, within a year, Germany's solar photovoltaic energy storage cost was reduced/around, it is a good trend for industry, after all, cost reduction is the necessary premise of rapid growth of energy storage. Commercial and residential energy storage market has also created a huge demand. Overall, years, commercial energy storage company and market will continue to sprout and incubation conditions, to improve the energy industry chain. Believe that after years of review of energy storage industry development, will be important in development of transition. 。 Into on track globally, electric bike sales in the years to recover, a few good models on the market. Years, and we will see more new models, prices continue to fall, the public acceptance of electric vehicles will also continue to improve. The most important of all, electric cars will see a better customer experience, so there will be more people think of a test drive electric vehicle sales growth. Years, the State Council issued by the 'energy conservation and new energy vehicles industry development planning ( — Years) 'Is put forward, in pure electric and plug-in electric hybrid cars cumulative production so as to meet the goals of all vehicles. Since years, China's new energy car sales have accumulated nearly all vehicles, but distance years than there is huge gap. Towards the thousands of vehicles, the wide prospect of market. 。 Improving energy efficiency will be more attention to improve each link of the energy efficiency is a key link in the process of dealing with climate change and pollution. Many influential people are advocating energy efficiency. Energy saving from building energy efficiency to home appliance, from the industrial to traffic, of energy conservation (date) (month) (year), known as the most severe in the history of new environmental laws officially implemented, saving energy and reducing consumption, emission pollution tasks become a new driving force of the development of the energy industry, the state environmental protection investment will further increase, will promote the development of environmental protection equipment industry. ( Source: China's wire and cable network)
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