20公斤, 50 kg automatic bag type pause on the plan

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] KGKG on automatic bag type pause scheme on joyu P automatic bag machine is introduced and applied: people, can replace completely realize the automatic bag, sack, mouth equal function, finally to the sealing unit on the sealing. Role is to provide empty bags for bagging machine, the operator place the empty bags, after for bags on the rest of the actions are completed by equipment. Suitable for food packaging, chemical fertilizer, seeds, rubber raw materials, according to material features, powder, granule can; Suitable for woven bag, or other bag packaging, according to actual situation; Suitable for kg automatic packaging materials, and satisfied with high dust, high hours of homework. The composition of automatic bag on the machine: by packaging weighers, bag on institutions, to send bags of manipulator. Open bag institutions, sewing machine, automatic bag label making machine, conveying mechanism, a few parts, the most perfect structure, integration of complete packaging. Working principle: the automatic bag machine complete simulation on artificial bags of each action, will first bags into the collection bag in the box ( Can be put only bags) , press the start button, place of the vacuum suction cups on the top of the bag mouth of the cylinder under the action of rapid decline, absorb the most at the top of the bag mouth, upper and twist, the vacuum suction cups by transverse cylinder to drive, with the packing bag of absorb about remove mm clip bag machine direction. Placed in bags removed part of the underside of each pair of vacuum suction cups at the bottom of the cylinder under the action of rising and absorb bag packaging the under side of the mouth, and a pull down, this action is completed, this has fully opened, the opening of the bag at the same time, the bag bag of machine on arm insert mouth and taut, the bag on the arm by a cylinder, as will bags into the arms to clip bag machine, bag machine action, will bags, complete the automatic bag on the whole process. Value analysis: automatic bag machine: replace artificial bagged, reduce the labor force. A packing scale: two workers who, between two shifts a day, the per capita salary RMB/month, $* = : one year. Ten thousand yuan/month * = months/years. Ten thousand yuan. If there is a line, *. =. Ten thousand yuan; Can save. Ten thousand yuan/year. Technical parameters: overall size * * air pressure rated output package/hour. 。 MPa vacuum extraction rate of m/hour rate of lost bag & lt; 。 % KW power
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