Vietnam electricity crisis brings business opportunities for Chinese companies

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Vietnam electricity crisis brings our country enterprise business ckluo P this article reprinted from 【 The south cable network] International network message: Vietnam electricity crisis brings our country enterprise in the business opportunities in Vietnam is rich in water resources, there are many rivers more, hydropower resources reserves is for the million kilowatt hour, potential output million kilowatt hour. Since the reform and opening, Vietnam power industry rapid development, has become the pillar industry of national economy. But, in recent years, Vietnam's economy development is relatively quickly, greatly increases the demand for electricity, especially in Vietnam after the accession to the WTO earlier this year, as growing demand for electricity. In recent years, Vietnam's annual output growth ~ %, years ago months only, Vietnam electricity the industry had nearly hundred million Kwh, electricity than the same period. %, but despite this, Vietnam electricity is still in short supply. Facing the situation of power supply is increasingly nervous, Vietnam has two steps: on the one hand, Vietnam also speed up the construction of the power plant, to a year ago, Vietnam will be completed several large hydropower station, a large gas thermal power plants, a large coal-fired thermal power plants and other large power plant project. Strive for in the shortest possible time solving the problem of power crisis. On the other hand, the government rolled out a series of preferential investment policies, and vigorously improve the investment environment, hoping to attract foreign companies to invest, alleviate the pressure of the power supply. For example: the foreign investment enterprises can be all machinery and equipment, office equipment, as well as the raw material and so on to Vietnam, all tariff-free; Vietnam government to ease restrictions on foreign investment ratio, allow foreign % higher than equity stakes in the joint venture company; allow a wholly foreign owned enterprise investment in factories, etc. Vietnam is also committed to the development of new sources of energy. Nuclear power is Vietnam to develop, as an effective and sustainable development of one of the new energy. Vietnam's government has approved the peaceful use of atomic energy strategy, strive for years to put into execution and development of the first nuclear power plant. Vietnam's first nuclear power plant construction in ninh thuan province, is expected to total investment $$. The plant including the annual total power for ~ million kilowatt hours contemplating the two generators group, will provide electricity every year ~ million kilowatt hour when put into use, the completion of the plant will be able to meet Vietnam's growing demand for electricity. Prime minister the Vietnamese government has approved a phase 6 ~ years Vietnam electric power development planning, power and power grid project construction, encourage domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in Vietnam. According to the planning, Vietnam in the years to phase, the country's electricity needs to increase each year ~ %, to meet the domestic demand for electricity, therefore, Vietnam must guarantee for the construction of the hydropower plant speed, vigorously develop the thermoelectric, gas-electric reasonable development, energy reengineering and remote border regions, at the same time actively communicate with region in other countries. Vietnam provide preferential investment policies, as well as the improvement of investment environment, is conducive to China's enterprises to invest in Vietnam. China's enterprises to develop Vietnam electricity market to solve the following problems: to further broaden the financing channels; encourage domestic powerful experienced design units, equipment manufacturing factory and construction units, form a complete consortium jointly participate in market development; And so on.
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