The world's leading offshore wind turbines technologies in China

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Offshore wind turbine technology in China the world's leading globledata P recently, sinovel windtec co. , LTD. , developed with independent intellectual property rights, the global leading technology of our country the first batch of localization of MW offshore wind turbines, in Shanghai, China's first national demonstration projects of offshore wind kilowatts of donghai bridge offshore wind farm successfully put into operation, the stability of the unit, the power curve and availability and so on various running indexes reach or exceed the design requirements, the unit running well. This marked the our country sea wind turbine technology has is a global leader. Donghai bridge offshore wind demonstration projects are works for approval of the first large offshore wind projects in our country, is located in the southeast of Shanghai in the east China sea on the left side of the bridge, the northernmost coast close km, from the southern coastline of km, especial the average depth of water meters, average wind speed per second. M. The project total installed capacity of MW, all adopt sinovel windtec co. , LTD. Independent research and development of the localization of MW offshore wind turbines, total station, wheel hub, impeller diameter, height is the single largest offshore wind power unit, three blades, the structure of horizontal axis and the advanced variable propeller variable-speed doubly-fed generator technology, equipped with compact main transmission chain, high-performance power generation system, independent control of variable propeller system and on-line condition monitoring system, with low voltage across functions, and adopt the effective corrosion protection measures and redundancy design in order to improve the reliability of the unit. Before the world expo in Shanghai, east China sea bridge offshore wind farm wind turbines would all put into operation.
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