The ministry: two integration will pilot implementation of intelligent manufacturing

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] The ministry: two fusion will implement intelligent manufacturing pilot heibaocjp P Wire Show cable exhibition 】 The State Council Information Office, is the national industrial telecommunication industry development conference held in. Mao Weiming, vice-minister of industry and information technology said the informatization and industrialization fusion is downward pressure in the face of the current economy, breakthrough development bottleneck, enhance international competitiveness, industrial competitiveness, the key to product competitiveness, miit will take further measures to speed up the two fusion depth. One is to implement intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration special action. Informationization is an important embodiment of intelligent manufacturing. Now Germany industry are put forward. Again, America's industrialization, depends largely on the development of the manufacturing methods. At present, people are concerned about robots, D printing, objectively speaking, belong to the category of modern equipment manufacturing, belongs to the wisdom of the whole development field. Second, deepen industry and the integration of the Internet, is the Internet industry. Mao Weiming mention two professional network: the Internet of things and connected to the Internet. Is developing rapidly in recent years, the Internet of things, the year is expected to the entire Internet sales income can reach one hundred million yuan, grew more than %. About car networking, Mao Weiming with an image of the metaphor to explain: 'our mobile phone is undoubtedly intelligent terminals, car is walking on the road in the future intelligent terminal. 'It is reported that there are now thousands of users to participate in the car networking, and growth continuously in the renovation. 3 it is around two fusion of standardized popularization system. Promote the development of integration management system standard, publish and internationalization, to promote its better iot enterprises and industrial depth fusion recognition and promotion, typical of more enterprises can effectively in intelligent intelligent factory and workshop. Four is to make two fusion as soon as possible to get more promotion in the field of the people's livelihood. Now a lot of community health care is widely used means of information technology, in the home can turn test indicators in a timely manner to the community hospital, the patient get timely and effective treatment. In terms of remote medical treatment, patients in village and community, through the remote medical treatment to enjoy the highest hospital doctor's diagnosis, service and guidance. These are the wisdom of the people's livelihood quickly spread. In addition, Mao Weiming also said that in recent years, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the informatization and industrialization two depth fusion made clear requirements, the ministry also issued a series of policies and measures, from the current view effect is very obvious, on the basis of informatization progress of transform and upgrade traditional industries, based on the software and information services, cloud computing, big data, such as new business mode under the condition of productive service industry has been rapid development. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC)
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