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The media said China and Thailand railway or into China's high-speed rail technology output first stop

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] The media said China and Thailand railway or into China's high-speed rail technology output first stop useful P & lt; div id =“divcontent”风格= '填充px; liststyle没有; 边缘像素; color rgb( ,,) ; Fontfamily Arial, Verdana, song typeface. px fontsize; lineheight px; 写成backgroundcolor rgb ( ,,) ; 的> < div id =“main_ContentPlaceHolder_pnlContent”class =“info_ltext”风格= '填充px; liststyle没有; 边缘像素; px fontsize; lineheight px; px textindent; '> zhongtai rail or into us media say China's high-speed rail technology output, the first stop for Chinese railway technology play the part of demonstration role in the promotion of southeast Asia. The report said, after the recent discussions and changes unceasingly, the blueprint of the pan-asian railroad has seen three schemes, namely the eastern, western and Central Line three lines. The eastern front was among the first to be reference to discuss solutions. The line from south to north by Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Hanoi, ho chi minh city, phnom penh, finally arrived in kunming. But because of the relationship between cooling, Vietnam congress to tend to the domestic line Japan Shinkansen technology, the advancement of the eastern basically in the stage of stagnation. Then on the agenda is the west, from kunming by myanmar's wax, mandalay and other cities of the entered Thailand, south of Bangkok's line is consistent with that of the eastern front. Burma's economic foundation is weak, however, in recent years, China's investment in Burma, myanmar's government also wants to get rid of the dominance in myanmar, China therefore westerly push rush in where angels fear to tread. Finally surfaced solution is through the centerline of the Laos into Thailand, recently announced that both China and Thailand for construction of railway is the line. Three lines in the east, west, south of Bangkok's some basic same, the main difference from yunnan after choose which country to enter Thailand. Reported that, according to the original plan of the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), by the member states to build their borders pan-asia railway it at their own expense. However, funding issues and technical problems for most of the asean countries, is a big problem. Thailand to build high-speed rail project in congress had to debate, opposition that Thailand's national income had not reached the consumption level of high-speed rail. Years, China's prime minister, li keqiang, visit to Thailand, and Thailand's then prime minister of Britain signed a project called 'high iron in rice', China to increase imports of Thai rice, rubber, such as agriculture and forestry products, to compensate for part of the development of China and Thailand railway. China and Thailand railway cooperation and joint committee will railway design from the original to km per hour, an hour to to kilometers, equivalent to ten years ago China's bullet train standard, the construction cost and the ticket price is expected to cut after the railway operation. But Thailand's appeared in the process of high price to buy rice improper subsidies and official corruption, caused the British government's downfall, China and Thailand railway and so on hold. Until early this year, Thailand's military began to consider the process of China and Thailand railway again, after several rounds of the feasibility study of both sides, there is a possibility of the construction at the end of this year. According to the report, the pan-asian railroad had a bigger problem is the coordination between the countries. Southeast Asian countries of the specifications of the existing railway is not unified, wide and narrow, the standard track chart, and countries in time to seek foreign capital and technology, with countries such as Japan, Germany, France and China's high-speed rail technology have their own preference. How to do pan-asia railway and existing railway line, as well as within the borders of the pan-asian railroad adopt what kind of standard is a problem that requires repeated negotiation. Achieved all of China's high-speed rail construction, however, Chinese companies have enough technology and the accumulation of experience. In this case, dominated by China, the use of Chinese technology and capital, as China actively promote a pan-asia railway construction, 'China out of the technology, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) out of the labor, capital problem consultations' way to become a choice of multiple asean member states. < div> < / div> < / div> < / div> < div类= = clr的风格'填充px; liststyle没有; 边缘像素; 明确两种; px高度; lineheight; px fontsize; color rgb( ,,) ; Fontfamily Arial, Verdana, song typeface. 写成backgroundcolor rgb ( ,,) ; 的> < /div>
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