The Internet under the thinking of the media Open Day - — To prosper media communication thumb up

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] The Internet under the thinking of the media Open Day - — To prosper media communication thumb up heibaocjp P under the impact of the wave of mobile Internet, leaders from all walks of life on the meal if you don't know what is 'OO', do not understand the concept of 'user experience', and his mouth not ye two words of 'fans' 'feelings', will feel marginalised. Various elite, however, you can really live learning these concepts? If you're in food, fast pin, electricity and other fields, of course, you can easily say a pile of case; But if your industry is a traditional electric wire electric cable or similar manufacturing, do you know how to use the Internet thinking to deal with the media? Before answering, and to see how your peers prosper media communication environment. 'Outsourced' to 'crowdsourcing' the traditional approach: for the enterprise, it is convenient to Open Day activities outsourced to pr company, to be run by them. But some public relations firm to promote experience more, industry recognition, all media published news content is the same, also often go wrong. A few years ago, I attended a media Open Day, home is a new public relations firm, is not rich media resources. They to hand in the 'pull YingCou find ten media, including several doesn't belong to this industry, also could not send draft. After the Open Day, pr firms fear of offending the media did not dare to rush, the enterprise can only pay the cross-town dummy eat rhizoma coptidis, have bitterness could not say. Prosper: if the media Open Day to marketing type to interpret, so most of the Open Day is 'mass marketing' of the enterprise, but at most is 'focus marketing', whereas prosper achieve the precise marketing '. They direct docking with the media, invite object in both cable online, China quality network cable channel, China business news channel mechanical and electrical such 'severe vertical' media industry, and China electric power news, people's railway newspaper, newspaper industry users like exclusive media of communication. The advantage of the media is not only a senior reporter, and professional writing, in their crowdsourcing the news propagation path, the same content in different point of view, each original, and in the media platform to promote synchronization, communication effect nature to be reckoned with. Traditional media 'engagement' approach: many companies hold the media Open Day, felt, please press the 'tall' the good, the results of some media reporter knows neither know the market or industry, individuals don't do their homework in advance and ask the question very dilettante, simply put the media questions turned into the 'popular science lecture hall' of the enterprise. Our common picture is executives impassioned speech on the stage, a reporter from the ability to listen, information flow is one dimensional. Wait to rice, executives with eating accompany drinking chatting, every reporter finally get a red envelope to bring some special local product leave, go back to the press release the sniper, announced the Open Day has come to a successful conclusion. The question is: really successful? Prosper: prosper invited object is a senior media industry, some of the electric power, railway, communication, cable industry experts. They both know the enterprise needs, and clear user pain points, brand promotion experience and public relations skills. Is listen to prosper please them not only, more communication, and give them 'engagement', please advise them to for the enterprise brand image maintenance. In the Open Day of February 2nd, represented by hk BaiGuangSen policy states President more than the industry experts, are examined from the perspective of brand operation in the challenges, pulse development opportunities; And overlooking the wire and cable industry, from the perspective of industry listed companies the bottleneck, parse the broken. Not the same as 'user experience' the traditional approach: a lot of the company's press conference or seminar, omit the other link, this link or packaged into a 'package', the factory as a scenic spot. Particular way is by a corporate executive ACTS as a 'guide', with a large group of reporters, 'visit' tour, which take a few photos in each factory. Many media people will this activity dubbed 'get on the car to sleep, get off the temple, let leadership smile for the camera. 'And more manufacturers is that part of the media may be a market experts, but it is not technical experts, they wouldn't let them watch equipment and workshop can read, to visit it. Prosper: in the public eye, and the more big companies more 'tsundere', the more listed companies more 'high cold'; And the media Open Day of an enterprise can 'open' to what extent, just can reflect it on its own products and management level of confidence. Brand construction process, which is the process of creating the user experience. If the enterprises of the industrial chain, production, management methods and other soft power as a product, so for the media Open Day, the user is the media people. Communication after the conference, prosper invited participants to each industry sector on behalf of the enterprise, put on the uniform and shoe covers, blew the dust off body by blowing equipment and dust-free workshop into the depth of experience. The practice of the 'zero distance', not only in the cable industry is initiative, also rare in the traditional manufacturing. Prosper assistant group President and chief director wu as the interpretation of the innovation system of the prosper as a strategy, four big innovation of talents, technology and capital. And in every enterprise is from the media, each user has a say in the moment, the transformation from public profile to enhance reputation, media Open Day also need to have innovative thinking from the Internet. Agree with thumb up, please. ( The cable online/Li Yanan)
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