The direction of the cable technology innovation

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Cable technology innovation direction hhcocbi P spoke cable direction of technical innovation, line the customer the demand of the construction industry have to emphasis on outside. 'Green building will be the future theme of wisdom urban construction. 'China academy of urban construction co. , LTD. , the chief engineer June that green building demand for wire and cable cable sheath is a major trend of biodegradable, recyclable, and should be low smoke zero halogen. Used in wire and cable is not lower than the years of service life of cable companies will be quite a challenge. It is known that nuclear class cable life only for years now. In addition, the innovation and revolution of the earth resistivity minimum material graphene, it is currently the most widely used the lower resistivity of copper conductors. The future large-scale production of graphene will overturn the copper as the main conductor wire and cable? 'Although the material change is a severe challenge for cable wire, wire and cable technical innovation needs a material change. 'National climate change strategy research and international cooperation center director mr. li said, in fact, du pont in early years ago doing this layout, the Japanese also on material innovation and revolution. 'The wisdom of the Chinese energy change of billions of yuan more than would be a huge market. 'Wu Jiandong said. This means that the energy revolution will no longer be the cable means of enterprise development, but the cables are the lifeblood of enterprise survival. Cable companies want to use the fulcrum of technology innovation cock big market energy revolution. A new round of global energy revolution gaining momentum, energy and industrial structure transformation, the energy consumption structure adjustment a huge market opportunity. As energy and economic necessities, wire and cable in the tide of new energy revolution, technological innovation, what kind of development path to go? A number of authoritative experts in February 2nd cable at the annual meeting of the world's insight, to guide wire and cable technical innovation. Review past several energy revolution, Edison invented the electric, it raised the energy technology revolution, opened the energy network era, more importantly, wire and cable has become the indispensable role in the power transmission system. With every energy change, wire and cable technology is also in constant change. One hundred years ago, we don't think of optical fiber communication signals can be transmitted, and transmit faster than copper, capacity is bigger, the price is cheaper. We use optical fiber instead of copper, to implement the communication signal transmission. Would it be possible through the revolutionary new materials, to implement the cable more upset? 'People used to the way of thinking in plane to discuss the development of wire and cable, actually we need to use the three-dimensional view of thinking. 'Director of the international union of smart grid, the Chinese research association, vice President of the wisdom Wu Jiandong said at the annual meeting of the world wire and cable, wire and cable is the nature of the solution to the energy transfer, from the point of energy transfer, in addition to the current copper technology, superconducting cable technology is the development trend of the future. Some say, wireless charging technology popularization will be subversion of the cable industry a major change. In Wu Jiandong view, wireless charging is actually important way of energy transfer, but cannot say that have a telephone, don't use a mobile phone; With the Internet, don't have mobile phones; In fact they so far are coexisting. = = = = = = = = = al the = = I = = = = = = = = = = = = = specializing in the production of special cable, high temperature cable, high voltage flat cables, control cables, silicon rubber cables, inverter cables, nitrile butadiene cable, computer cable etc. Henry group anhui Henry instrument cable co. , LTD. Sales manager ( Yellow manager) Hand machine: electric words really
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