The central tour end of the first round of nearly 20 state executives were found out

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Central tour first round end state executives were checked globledata P in accordance with the central inspection group previous work schedule and the central third inspection group in China in the end of the month day special tour of eastern electric group co. , LTD. At this point, in the first round of the patrol all over. According to incomplete statistics, in the meantime, the central enterprises has had an almost executives were found out. Among them, the China national petroleum corporation, China national offshore oil corporation, China southern power grid co. , LTD. , the state grid company, baosteel group co. , LTD. , China Eastern electric group co. , LTD. , China electronics technology group co. , LTD. , China mobile communications group co. , LTD. , China telecom group company. In addition it should be pointed out that, in addition to the announcement of executive, checked during this round of patrol, including dongfang electric, electronic, China state grid, cnooc, etc, many by patrol unit to investigate and report a batch of a case in violation of the provisions of the central eight spirit, disposition of dozens of people, including several former executives have a back seat. For retired cadres and cadres of the second line tracing phenomenon that has existed, the anti-corruption work there can be no dead Angle, corrupt also cannot have a 'safety island'. Since the eighteenth big iron anti-corruption as the CPC continues to advance, retirement is no longer a corrupt official 'talisman' this character is more bright. 'Tube in the state-owned key enterprise' including GuanJinRong and tube in the home of state-owned enterprises in the home. Until now, the tour has to wheel, touring the central enterprises. According to this calculation, the 'whole' goal has nearly sixty percent
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