Precautions for photovoltaic cable irradiation

by:AAA     2020-03-14
The properties and irradiation processing of low smoke halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin irradiation materials are special, so the following points should be paid attention to during irradiation: a. Before irradiation, check whether the conductor of each cable head is fully grounded. It is strictly prohibited to irradiate the cable without grounding. B. When the insulation wire core and sheath layer are irradiated, the absorbed dose is subject to the heat extension test. c. The surface of the irradiated insulation wire core and sheath layer should be smooth, free of oil stain, no obvious difference in color and luster, no scratches, fuzzing, cracking, bubbles and other phenomena are allowed, and the printing should be clear and scratch-resistant. d. When the irradiation speed is up and down, the traction and take-up speed should be coordinated with the beam adjustment action to avoid excessive dose or insufficient dose. e. After the insulation core and sheath layer are irradiated, they need to be fully grounded and discharged, and parked for 48 hours before they can be transferred to the next process.
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