People's congress suggested planning construction in west high-speed connection of the silk road

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] NPC delegates suggest planning and construction in the west high-speed connection of the silk road globledata P recently, in the meeting of the National People's Congress, NPC delegates Hu Runze problem put forward the proposal on the development of 'silk road' : planning and construction of hefei to xi 'an high-speed railway, the west high iron, it will be connected economic belt 'silk road' and 'Marine silk road' of the century through train. Hu Runze suggest planning of west high iron, since the hefei hub derivation, along with both ning west rail lines, to the west longitude regarding luan, anhui province xinyang city of henan province, nanyang, shangluo city, shaanxi province in xi 'an, about km. Hefei west Gao Tieke direct connection, xi 'an railway hub, and is the central and western regions to the east China, south China and the channel west bank economic zone, in the main passage of the shortcut fast passenger kilometers, shortening the distance between things traffic save ~ hours journey. And west rail is completed, will connect the eastern Yangtze river delta region, central anhui two provinces and the northwest five provinces, direct series Shanghai, nanjing, hefei, xi 'an, lanzhou, xining, urumqi, such as seven provincial administrative center, to carry out the strategy of the silk road economic belt, speed up the implementation of the Yangtze river economic belt, the rise of central China and the western development and national strategy has important value, to play the role of a four two dial one thousand jins. West rail used to promote anhui, henan, shaanxi provinces along the economic and social development is of great significance, can further close three provinces and the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, the channel west bank national economic zone of space and time distance, greater scope to achieve optimal allocation of resources. Through the industrial transfer to undertake to the more developed eastern region, accelerate the west anhui, southern henan, YuXiNa, southeast of shanxi, the guanzhong and the water source of south-to-north water transfer project, qinba mountains along the regional economic and social development.
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