Pay attention to Oxidation prevention of rubber sheathed cables in those production processes

by:AAA     2020-03-29
1. Copper poles should be transported, checked and stored before entering the factory. Most cable companies in China use copper as outsourcing, and they should select high-quality metal copper poles, and standard suppliers should be selected for transportation and delivery procedures and guidelines, the copper rod enters the factory for inspection according to GB/T 3048. 2 or cable company Enterprise standard implementation. The storage of the copper rod can be covered by plastic cloth or plastic film, which is the simplest physical barrier method to block the touch between the copper rod and the moist air. When the workshop uses the copper rod, it must be rolled one by one to check with the naked eye whether there is a black appearance and control it from the source of production. 2. Control of copper rod drawing process 0. 4mm the drawing of monofilament usually adopts copper lath and medium lath which are successively annealed, and needs to go through the processes of setting out, drawing and annealing, cooling, drying, taking-up and so on. First of all, the appropriate mold should be selected, not too small, otherwise it will strongly exercise the lattice variation of metal copper and aggravate the sharp rise in metal temperature. Secondly, check the pH value of the emulsion before starting up to ensure that it is alkaline solution. Antioxidants should be added to the wire drawing oil to form a passivation film on the surface of the copper conductor to avoid oxidation; When setting out the line, insist that the tension of setting out the line is stable and uniform, and not too trembling; During the wire drawing process, the operator should ensure the proper water level height, ensure the uniform annealing degree, and avoid the lack of annealing or excessive annealing; When winding, there should be no liquid left on the outer surface of the copper conductor, and a monotonous felt can be placed in front of the winding (Often replaced)To ensure the monotony of monofilament. After all, after drawing the plate, it is sealed with a transparent plastic film and stored in a monotonous environment to be circulated, otherwise it will be prone to oxidation with humid air due to the high temperature on the surface of the conductor. 3, copper wire stranded (Bunching) In the extrusion process of insulating rubber and sheath rubber, taking copper wire twisting as an example, the conductor changes the structure of the metal copper lattice through each die during the twisting process, under the action of strong external force, after passing the mold, the temperature of the copper conductor is larger than that before passing the mold, so the outer layer of the copper conductor is easy to oxidize. Therefore, the infusion hose can be used to transfer the antioxidant (0. 3% benzotriazole in alcohol) Dropping into the copper wire, the dropping standard is based on the appearance of the copper wire, to avoid the appearance of some oxidation or excessive waste, and to start the work after all the anti-oxidation work is prepared. Take-up should ensure that the take-up tray is monotonous. After the take-up tray is filled, it should be sealed with a transparent plastic film.
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