Pay attention to 5 g technology more than 30 films under 1 second

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Focus on G technology under the second many movies globledata P of the next generation of mobile communication network ( G) Into focus. It is reported, G technology seconds can download many movies. At present, the domestic each big operators have started to save for a rainy day. The next year, part of G core technology will open the standardization process. At present, about the G is not yet a clear standard in the world. International mobile communications authority GPP standards organization, gradually start at the beginning of this year for some potential G core technology. Whether the European telecommunication standardization association ( ETSI) The authority of the international mobile communication standards organization GPP, IMT and G technology in our country to promote organization, have reached a consensus agreement, namely G commercial time about for years. Considering there will be some time before the official commercial commercial trials and industrialization process, is expected to years and years, the world will be started to do test and trial commercial deployment of G, and eventually to implement formal commercial in years. The industry recognized is that compared with the current G G technology growth rate several times, its peak from G M up to dozens of G per second per second. Reflected in the application level, second can download more than a movie; Ten milliseconds to reduce the end-to-end delay from G to G a few milliseconds, 'all things' the Internet will be more closely. Given G boom has become a trend, the domestic each big vendors, operators and terminal manufacturers are away for a rainy day, and promote the process of G from standard to practice. Handset vendors, for example, cool, senior vice President and CTO Xu Yibo revealed that two years ago for G has established the 'terminal network integration' G strategy, will be put into research and development, the annual turnover % every year around G cutting-edge technology to track and research, and participate in the standardization of GPP organizations, promote G standard.
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