New electricity reform is expected to expand power surplus areas or will first

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] New electricity reform is expected to expand power surplus areas or will precede globledata P during the two sessions, energy reform and become one of the important keywords. Following month within natural gas price reform will be completed after the 'ice-breaking', electricity change is expected to relay. Including Wang Yumin, deputy director of the National Energy Administration, a number of sources, the several opinions on further deepening the reform of electric power system is introduced. The news that the new electric change plan before the Spring Festival has been submitted to the executive meeting of the State Council, the standing committee of the politburo meeting review for approval, and will be in the first half of the year before and after external printing, a new round of electric power system reform will open. It also means the country. Trillions of sell electricity corresponding one trillion yuan level market is about to open it. It is understood that the new electric scheme 'four open, an independent, enforcing' content have been determined, the framework of subsequent details still need to be further negotiated. Previously, west Inner Mongolia power grid were allowed to start the reform of electric power transmission and distribution. Accordingly, the personage inside course of study analysis, a new electric change will, on the basis of pilot and expansion of power surplus area is expected to become new pilot. The personage inside course of study thinks, the opening price control is the premise to realize electric power system reform, to realize marketization of electricity price formation mechanism and operation mode of the electric power industry is also the goal of power system reform. It is important to note that as the power to change gradually, electricity sales to relinquish form relatively strong expectations in the market. A new electric change will be sold in electric side to strengthen the competition mechanism, form the new mechanism that is market sell electricity. And power generation company, such as the five power group and financial strength of the private capital group is expected to take the lead in entering the sell electricity market. Both sides of supply and demand docking directly sell electricity market, market pricing will be gradually formed and grow.
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