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Jin Longyu cable voltage test method for thermal cycle

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Jin Longyu cable thermal cycle voltage power cables dc withstand voltage test method w P doing, Jin Longyu wires of capacitor, be high voltage charging, if at this time because of the power supply voltage drop or artificially reduce the test voltage, make Jin Longyu wire and cable have charge of high voltage, above plus the test voltage, Jin Longyu wire and cable will discharge by microamps table and test equipment, the formation of the leakage current value. This phenomenon is not what went wrong, but you should pay attention to the performance of the test equipment, and power supply system is stable, in case the test voltage unexpected rise in excess of the prescribed test voltage. Below to introduce Jin Longyu wires under thermal cycling voltage kind of test method. Empty litres of test voltage, to check test equipment. 。 The procuratorial microamps table if there is a shield, if not, should be shielded. 。 Jin Longyu wire and cable for compression, it is better to disconnect and other devices connected to the cable, can also keep a few higher equipment pressure value. Above is Jin Longyu cable thermal cycle voltage test method is introduced, hope I can help to you! This article source: HTTP / / WWW. shenzhenjinlongyu。 com/
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