How to distinguish between power cable and control cable?

by:AAA     2020-03-09
Power cable is the main line of power system, which is used to transmit and distribute large-function electric energy. The rated voltage is generally 0. 6/1KV and above. The control cable directly transmits electric energy to the power supply of various electrical equipment and appliances, and its rated voltage is 450/750 V. This makes the insulation and sheath thickness of the power cable thicker than that of the control cable during production. The differences are summarized as follows: first, control cables belong to cables for electrical equipment, and power cables are two of the five categories of cables. Second, the standard of control cable is 9330, the standard of power cable is GB12706 third, the color of the insulated wire core of control cable is generally black and white, and the low voltage of power cable is generally color-separated. Four, the cross section of the control cable generally does not exceed 10 square meters, the power cable is mainly to transmit power, generally large cross section.
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