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How to choose oil resistant cable material

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] How to choose oil resistant cable material dianlan P with the continuous development of electronic technology, oil resistant cable has been widely used in electric power distribution, power transmission, voice, text, images and other information dissemination, and a broad categories in the field of electrical products such as lighting, then how should we choose the material of this product? Wear-resisting part of the thermocouple has wear-resisting, connecting rod, threaded connection or flange, junction box, armored, inner core of wear-resisting head should be according to the actual temperature to choose material manufacturing, connecting rod, threaded connection or flange should choose materials according to the scene have corrosive medium. Wear-resistant thermal resistance protection tube material: wear-resisting, high temperature alloy, using special heat-resistant and wear-resistant alloys as outside temperature protection tube, built-in armored core body, both have high corrosion resistant performance of particle erosion, and under the condition of high temperature on the inner core body can play a good protective effect. Can adopt the flanged or threaded connection, * period between ~ ℃ temperature measurement. , the composite casting wear-resistant alloy: adopting the composite armor technology to join particle wear-resisting, high temperature alloy matrix precision casting molding. Without turning processing, casing high hardness, resistance to high temperature oxidation, but with a little casting defects do not affect high temperature wear resistance and impermeability, is the most common use of high temperature resistant casing, price moderate, use ~ ℃ temperature. , metal ceramic wear resistance: the protection of silicon carbide ceramic tube, high temperature can reach ℃, built-in or K S dividing armored core body, specially applicable to the cement preheater, working condition of circulating fluidized bed contour U. S. wear-resisting of temperature measurement. , ion permeability tungsten carbide: for stainless steel substrate by ion permeability injection technology on the surface casing injection of tungsten carbide particles. Hard, high strength, high Gao Ren, special wear-resisting, wear-resisting layer thickness. ~。 Mm, rigid toughening, minimum diameter to phi, good surface quality, use temperature ~ ℃. The service life of the coal mill in power plant for years. , iron, aluminum ceramic protection tube: iron containing aluminum and cleverly add AO powder, iron and aluminum porcelain was ( TLC) Special gold, iron and aluminum alloy porcelain made thermocouple ( Resistance) Protecting tube, become iron aluminum ceramic thermocouple (namely Resistance) The most critical parts - iron and aluminum ceramic protection tube. According to working temperature, wear condition, the type of medium, pressure equation, made into different series of iron and aluminum porcelain. Wire and cable of the development of new products, the first consideration is to choose the right material of each component, so choose the material carefully. More information on cable quotation, cable purchase, cable, etc. , can login China cable industry network HTTP / / WWW. 电缆。 com
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