High voltage cable underground market or exceeds 90 billion yuan

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] High voltage cable underground market or exceeds one hundred million yuan knifeqiao P anhui ocean instrument cable quotation manufacturer: high pressure or extra-high voltage power lines underground market or super $= hundred million yuan. The global market for high pressure and ultrahigh pressure underground and submarine cable system worth $one hundred million, according to the latest high pressure and ultrahigh pressure of CRU market outlook report. CRU estimate, years, high pressure and ultrahigh pressure of submarine power cable market value of about $total value of the project, and the global high pressure and ultrahigh pressure underground cable market worth an estimated $cable TV fee. Assumes that the cable cost is % of the total cost of the system installation, the whole market of high pressure and ultra-high voltage underground cables, accessories and installation to be worth about $. High pressure and ultrahigh pressure underground cable industry represent only the total value of cable insulation power cable about % of the total market. Margin of generation, however, so the importance of the cable, its importance is bigger, because the typical profit margin is much higher than LV and MV cable. 'All the industry covering under high pressure and ultrahigh pressure market outlook is growing at much faster than the cable TV industry as a whole, and submarine department to record the most robust growth,' said rob daniels, chief adviser, wire and cable, CRU and author of the report. Underground cable industry is the needs of the power supply of a large number into the city and resistance is increasingly serious, overhead transmission line near residential areas or area of outstanding natural beauty. This resistance to overhead lines means that more and more used in the city especially in underground cable transmission line voltage is lower than the kv. Submarine cable market is made up of two main problems, meet the challenge of need to use more renewable energy in the interconnected power grid, and the need to use the offshore wind farm power to consumers. Need to increase the power grid interconnection has also led to greater new land investment of transmission lines. In many parts of the world spread grid saw a large investment in the period of the second world war. Many cable installation and are now near the end of their lives, so there is also a growing demand to replace the old cable. Competition about the growth of high pressure underground cable industry can make high voltage cable factories in theory, but the strong growth should help to reduce the influence of increasing capacity. For other industry profit margins will remain relatively high, CRU expects all the departments in the report are still attractive cable industry. High pressure and ultra-high voltage cable market prospects look at the global market for underground and underwater cables and published every two years. Report covers all of the high pressure and ultrahigh pressure underground cable, high pressure and ultra-high voltage cable with MV offshore wind farm submarine cable array. This study does not include bare overhead conductors. Watching the market CRU kv high-voltage defined as kv and ultrahigh pressure rated kv cable. Since this division for underground cable kv rated voltage there are quite a few potential suppliers and barriers to entry is not very big so now it is relatively easy for new firms to enter the market. Compared with the production kv ehv cable is still confined to a relatively small manufacturers and the threshold is still high. Submarine cable industry CRU also split the cable used for the interconnection between cable and market related to the development of offshore wind farms.
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