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2020 - 26 the global electric vehicle charging cable in the market is compound 31. 5% _ _ cable wire and cable information network

by:AAA     2020-12-13
【 Cable network - 】 According to Research published Dive, a report is expected in 2020 to 2026, the electric vehicle charging cable markets around the world will be 31. Compound annual growth rate of 5% growth.

in the report that the popularity of the electric car market and the corresponding infrastructure growth pole of the earth to promote the rapid growth of the electric vehicle charging cable market. On the other hand, high operating costs and the demand of the quick charge is expected to bring certain restrictive on growth of the market.

according to the shape, the electric car charging cable consists of linear model and coiling. Due to the be fond of of consumer to install the electric car charging pile character of rapid growth and easy maintenance, and immediate contraction, coiling type charging cable is expected in the forecast period to 33. The rate of 2% growth.

according to the length of the cable, the electric car charging cable is mainly divided into 2 - 5 meters, 6 - More than 10 meters and 10 meters. Is expected in the forecast period, 2 - 5 meters segments is expected to produce 5. The $100 million of revenue, and 31. Compound annual growth rate of 7% growth.

according to the level of charge, the market is mainly divided into level 1 ( 120V) Level 2 ( 240 v) And level 3 ( 300 - 600 v) 。 Forecast period, level 1 charging market income in 2018 for $55. 59 million, by the end of 2026 is expected to be more than 4. 560. 9 billion dollars. Due to rising global demand for quick charge, level 3 segments are expected to promote the market growth.

based on the sheath material, electric vehicle charging cable markets around the world was divided into rubber sheath, thermoplastic elastomer sheathed and PVC sheathed. The size of the rubber sheath market is expected to produce 5. Revenue of $32. 1 billion, and during the forecast the compound annual growth rate of 31. 2%.

based on the application, use the global industry is divided into private and public charging model to use. By the end of 2026, in the field of public charging market revenue estimates will be more than 5. During the period of $31. 5 billion, compound annual growth rate for 33. 3%. This is mainly due to the highway, government agencies, such as airport installed in different parts of the electric vehicle charging stations.

based on the regional market, global charging cable market segmentation for North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and LAMEA. Due to the electric motors are used more and more in the region, North America is expected to dominate the global market. Compound annual growth rate in the forecast period, the region is 32. 1%.

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