2017 cable embarrassing season!

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Wire and cable embarrassing season! W P of the wave of price before Spring Festival, how many wire and cable enterprise glad not to let, thought the spring breeze blows again of the industry, last year's wave of wire and cable continues to rise in price of raw materials is to make a lot of people enjoy in retrospect, after the Spring Festival every year is the traditional peak season wire and cable, but this year the Spring Festival after the increase in the prices again, because of soaring raw materials, the voice of the increase in the price of all walks of life, so torture people, a lot of wire and cable companies say, there are orders also dare not pick up now, the traditional industry peak season this year is a little afraid to 'swan'! ! Coking coal price increases %, % increase in the price of glass, plastic price %, aluminum prices %, % increase in the price of steel, stainless steel is also surging %, freight price increases. %, wire and cable with important copper in the raw materials, since last year since the end of the boom in recent months after wide range, on Saturday, the LME three-month copper broke interval along the stress on 'soar', today daytime plate on another city hit a high point at the end of year, Shanghai copper also hit a monthly high point. Yesterday in Shanghai all price soaring, in two years and a half high, the current months early settlement, or closed at yuan/ton, the rising yuan, to rise. %; Positions, clinch a deal in Shanghai all contracts increase hand today, holdings increased hand to hand. Main contract transaction increase hand, holdings reduce hand to hand. Date of the Yangtze river spot # copper yuan/ton, price than the previous trading day up yuan, discount to the premium; Guangdong spot # copper yuan/ton, up yuan; Huatong spot # copper yuan/ton, up yuan. In the Shanghai area # electrolytic copper yuan/ton, up yuan, clinch a deal smooth water copper rose, premium copper clinch a deal. Spot copper prices rose sharply, although the grocers actively offer, but fear downstream high buy less, the market volume was light as a whole. Due to the increasing labor costs, rising raw material prices one day a price, so can only according to the quotation. Inventory sold out now, not a large number of replenish onr's stock, only small batch production, even orders, is implemented according to the latest price. 'Some companies from a large number of orders, basic on stage. Soaring raw materials, have single also dare not, have had to scale back the production line. '▼ rise in raw material price rises, and receiving orders illustrsation as wire and cable manufacturing enterprises the long-term customers, the price is already sign the contract, not default, temporary rise in price. Every day now most concerned about is how much raw material has risen again, how to explain the reason of the price with our customer, let the customer is willing to accept price increases. Because of raw materials rose sharply, causing a lot of factory management difficulties, collapse or vacation in advance factories directly. Some grudging support factory, although received orders for more than ever, but sharply shrinking profits and losses. Raw materials rose sharply, very not easy through the off-season, but died in the peak season. Wire and cable business, the more the traditional peak season, the more let everybody anxious-looking, season but not 'swan' sad and how many people can understand. http / / www。 cqqldx。 com
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