2015 Japanese photovoltaic market cooling or will provide reference for pv industry development

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Photovoltaic market cooling or Japan will provide reference for pv industry development heibaocjp P Wire Show cable exhibition 】 Review, Japan photovoltaic industry is mixed, around a barrage construction of photovoltaic power station, by the end of years, photovoltaic power generation project has been more than a start. It is reported that Japanese ZhaoYi yen (photovoltaic power generation system About the yuan. Million) 。 Japan photovoltaic power construction boom continues, soon to be a bubble. Not only covers the kyocera, Toshiba, sharp, the promotion photovoltaic SolarFrontier business enterprise, also including itochu, softbank and other business companies, communication enterprises. A major cause of the photovoltaic 'bubble' is the government's fixed price system ( 配合) Price is higher. Above the purchase price for KW photovoltaic power generation, operating in the word of the Lord as the yen ( About the yuan. Yuan) Plus tax, insufficient KW operating years about yen ( About the yuan. Yuan) 。 After the system implementation, to join the photovoltaic industry operators increased dramatically, began to appear in a bubble. M KW photovoltaic power generation by expected to KW. Power companies have to suspend the newest photovoltaic power generation business. Years, the Japanese island of Hokkaido electric power, the northeast power Okinawa, shikoku, electric power, kyushu electric power and power five companies decided to postpone the new net of photovoltaic power generation project. Japanese economy, trade and industry has begun to explore freeze on new large photovoltaic power generation project. In addition, transmission and distribution equipment infrastructure business has yet to dressing in place. Transmission system, if not in place, no amount of generating capacity also useless. In particular, the place around the city and not keep up with the nap of transmission equipment, this requires a lot of money. Reopen after freezing, kyushu electric power shortage KW renewable energy power generation business. Since then, power companies, in turn, also to develop. Just, excess capacity and transmission infrastructure not nap, the problem has not been solved. Years, Japan will implement electricity liberalization, no region, no regional power companies can sell electricity. Can choose electric power company, other industries are also free to participate in the electric power business. Nuclear power problem is still not settled yet, for resource-poor Japan, photovoltaic power generation the importance of self-evident, Japan should shift towards renewable energy as soon as possible. But, photovoltaic power generation, with reference to the present situation, whether there is any need to add is a question. The New Year, perhaps should calm thinking about the problem. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC)
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