Zhang Yinxuan: China cable industry struggle by large to strong

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Zhang Yinxuan: China's cable industry from large to strong struggle heibaocjp P & lt; DIV id = pagecontent> < DIV id = imgcontent> < DIV id = js_content class = rich_media_content> month, wire and cable industry in year 10 news conference, the participating experts and media representatives of wire and cable industry for the future development trends for the heated discussion. The tianjin chamber of commerce for cable industry, the secretary-general Zhang Yinxuan delivered an important speech. He thinks, the top 10 news conference held is of great significance, will strive for more media and related government departments leadership focus on wire and cable products, booster cable industry development. In his speech, he mentioned that infiltrates in wire and cable industry more than ten years, he is very have feelings, wire and cable industry can be said to be witnessed the process of China's wire and cable industry change from small to big. Wire and cable, he argues, is the product of form a complete set, has its own particularity. From the industrial to the livelihood of the people, as long as the power transmission, information, cannot leave the wire and cable, this is a very big supporting industries. At present, in the international market, many cable material technology content is higher, Chinese enterprises should learn. 'China's wire and cable industry from large to strong, there are a lot of work to do. 'He said finally. Announced below small make up for your wire and cable industry ten big news of the year: bao sheng shares into catic mechanical and electrical system, ( Keywords: mergers and reorganization) , hk policy states with guosen bidding group signed a strategic agreement, guosen international ( Key words: international cooperation) , China quality news network - Wire and cable channels running ( Keywords: quality improvement) Rectification action, post requirements of the State Council to carry out the cable products ( Keywords: quality improvement) KV crosslinking cable, han cable successfully used in Beijing haidian district power transmission and transformation project ( Keywords: extra-high voltage cable) , the far east cable renamed wisdom energy ( Keywords: enterprise transformation) , aluminum alloy cable into the new technology of state grid corporation directory ( Edition) 》( Key words: aluminum alloy cable) And the far east business revenue in the third quarter of treasure years ago. Million ( Keywords: marketing mode) , photoelectric cable chamber of commerce in jiangsu province will be bidding early-warning prompt work forward, Keywords: self-discipline) , heng kone blowing type optical fiber composite low voltage cables (cable first Key words: technology innovation) < / DIV> < / DIV> < /DIV>
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