The road to brand wire and cable industry has a long way

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] The road of brand wire and cable industry has a long mlship P with wire and cable industry is closely related to the electric power, communication, traffic, transportation, household appliances and other industries demand, pull the main economic indicators of wire and cable industry continues to grow. But at the same time, wire and cable industry is suffering a unprecedented difficult. Because of the influence of the international situation and the global economy, from the early years, wire and cable industry began to experience many challenges. Raw materials prices rose sharply, copper prices rose by an average alone more than %, lead to a lot of money is in short supply wire and cable enterprises, capital turnover is slow, plus some blind investment and foreign special cable wire and cable enterprise products to enter the Chinese market, but also intensified competition, a lot of similar enterprises have begun to face crisis. In addition, users of cable products pricing recognition lag, the difference of integrity of payment to the enterprise also has brought the huge pressure of business. Cable industry's main target market is the power supply, power plants, petrochemical, railway and urban construction, airport and other key state industries. But the service life is long, because the cable products professional technical, customer requirements for product safety, reliability, durability is very high. Cable products relatively simple production, however, produce a large number of small businesses. At present, the domestic wire and cable manufacturing enterprises more than, but as a result of product homogeneity phenomenon is widespread, and it's hard to say which a product has the special core competitiveness, no enterprise can also set the products or technical barriers. The industry has formed a typical buyer's market. At the same time, fake and inferior products are become hinder the healthy development of the industry of persistent ailment. It is understood that some cable production enterprise or not according to the national standard production, without authorization, make some non-standard products, shoddy, with little inflated; Or is that? ”; Black bar insulation materials and regeneration. Especially the quality problems of cables and low voltage cable products mainly in the cloth. This has severely disrupted the normal market order. State general administration of quality supervision, the National Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments will be used in wire and cable on the focus of the building materials market rectification of the product, and take the corresponding measures. Undoubtedly, this to improve the quality of wire and cable products to create a good external environment. Also for the wire and cable industry provides an opportunity to carry out activities against fake and inferior products. Rubber and plastic materials is the main raw materials, wire and cable products are also can be used as one of the main means of counterfeit goods. To ensure the quality of wire and cable products, at present, wire and cable industry has launched on the wire and cable material quality trustworthy product ', will be stepped up efforts to implement this year. At the same time, even in wire and cable rubber material? ”; Quality reliable products' promotion and first batch review by companies issuing certificates. It is reported, 'communication cable and optical fiber cable professional related materials' quality reliable product' recommendation will be underway. Emerged more than ten years, cable industry inspection-free products and China famous brand product, prosper, the far east, change especially electrician, bao sheng, galaxy far east and other enterprises in the implementation of brand strategy, relying on the brand building core competitiveness. Cable industry competition by price, quality, delivery time, service the four factors to brand competition. Industry enterprises have clear, to purify the industry market, integrate the advantage resources, will have to walk the road of brand strategy. However, there are a few enterprises in market competition feel difficult bright brand, name is young, some even can't withstand the wind and waves, struggling in the survival crisis. Cable companies to YinQiZhiYi brand strategy, brand positioning, brand naming, brand spread and fine-tuning work quality. The brand awareness of training employees, shaping brand staff, let designer staff manufacturing brand-name products. To sum up, along with the relevant state departments to crack down on and clamp down on fake and shoddy cable products of further action, will push cable enterprise product quality improved steadily, prompting cable enterprise attaches great importance to the enterprise brand and product brand, brand enterprise, the enterprise quality road, get rid of the crisis, into the brilliant tomorrow.
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