The fifth international renewable energy conference

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] The fifth international renewable energy conference convened heibaocjp P month day, the fifth international renewable energy agency general assembly held in the uae capital ABU dhabi. Congress passed the international renewable energy agency annual work report, the election by the international renewable energy agency director-general and the new council members, discusses the renewable energy costs, and mainly on electricity transformation and energy security project was carried out by ministerial roundtable discussion. The National Energy Administration, deputy director of microbloggers delegation to attend the conference. During the meeting, the delegation fully affirmed the international renewable energy agency for one year of work, and to Dan & #; Amin director-general recognizes outstanding organization and coordination capacity. Delegation believes that in the international energy agency in response to climate change, promote the transformation of energy system, solve the energy widely used, etc, has carried out a large amount of effective work, to promote the development of the global renewable energy and promote the pace of global renewable energy technology transfer. Delegation said that China attaches great importance to renewable energy development, are vigorously promote energy revolution, the production and consumption is put forward to the annual co2 emissions to peak, non-fossil energy consumption proportion of reach the development goal of %, and has made great achievements. By the end of the year, renewable energy installed. Million kilowatts, % of all installed, the renewable energy power generation. Trillions of KWH, % of all power. China will continue to work for international renewable energy agency of the support, with member states to carry out the policy dialogue, communication technology and industrial cooperation, special support in less developed countries and regions to raise the level of renewable energy, make positive contribution to the world renewable energy development. During the meeting, microbloggers also were invited to meet with the international renewable energy agency director-general Dan & #; Amin, Fiji, infrastructure and transport minister Mr & #; Mout (du electricity and energy minister, Emma, freddy adu, yemen, Morocco, energy and environment energy mining water resources minister mara, the united Arab emirates (uae) deputy secretary of state, summers & #; Group, etc. , focusing on renewable energy situation and policy with all parties, and to strengthen bilateral and multilateral renewable energy cooperation has carried on the extensive and in-depth discussion. International renewable energy agency is formally established the renewable energy field of international intergovernmental organizations, aimed at promoting renewable energy development in the world, to provide renewable energy policy advice to member states, to promote renewable energy information platform, technology transfer, capacity building and international cooperation, etc. , currently has a member states, has become an important platform to the global energy's change. On (date) (month) (year) in China officially joined the organization, its member states, for the second time, the meeting is our membership. From the government in the world, many research institutions and industry representatives, a total of more than people attend the meeting, the country's energy and related department ministerial representative to attend the meeting.
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