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The cable industry? Look at the wire and cable branch deputy secretary-general

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] The cable industry? Look at how wire and cable branch deputy secretary-general said logfei P wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association deputy secretary-general ZhangLiMing in China copper industry peak BBS and the 14th summit in copper industry chain of wire and cable industry in our country development present situation and the application of copper cable industry related presentations. The cable industry in our country present situation of Chinese wire and cable cable industry annual sales output value reached one hundred million yuan. The electric wire electric cable reached one hundred million yuan, fiber optical fiber reached one hundred million yuan. At the same time, annual output value of ten thousand yuan of above cable companies more than home. Main cable manufacturing enterprises concentrated in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta. Sales value of the top five provinces combined accounted for %, including jiangsu accounted for nearly %. Mid-range, part of the overall technical level is in the global industrial chain into the high-end. But there is a big gap compared with developed countries, especially in basic research, high-end raw materials, key equipment, manufacturing technology, production management, etc. Cable enterprise competitiveness overall analysis in strong enterprise total income of about one hundred million yuan, growth % over the last year. Wire and cable production in our country, the world, but the cable industry concentration degree is low, enterprise the individual is weak. The market share is only % of top ten enterprises in our country, and the global top 10 accounts for % of the global market, European and north American market is highly concentrated. New change and developing trend of cable industry. Order to large enterprises, brand enterprises. So more conducive to improve the industry concentration degree, improve the industry self-discipline of enterprises and the overall competitiveness. Also in the cable industry waste capacity, excess capacity, zombie capacity weeding, etc. 。 Industry research and development capabilities and technical level continuous improvement in recent years in the industry leading companies through increased investment in research and development, the research and development system, strengthening their comprehensive innovation ability and the technical strength, promoting the ascension of the technical level of the industry as a whole. High-end cable products, high-end materials and high-end technology and equipment of autonomous localization ability significantly improved, the core technology breakthrough. 。 Brand management and marketing competition become part of the key factors for industry leading enterprises have gradually from the low price competition, by constantly strengthen brand effect, expand marketing channels and so on to participate in the competition in the high-end market. With the Internet at the same time, will eventually form a intelligent manufacturing, including intelligent products, intelligent equipment and digital and networking. Industry superior enterprises will also be in brand, capital, scale, marketing, research and development and so on various aspects of competitive advantage, and gain more market share and more broad space for development. 。 Intelligent manufacturing become inevitable trend according to the construction of intelligent workshop for benchmarking, realize the whole production process automation operation, the whole process of data acquisition and remote diagnosis early warning, whole process from product, equipment, production, management, intelligent. Application of copper cable industry. Gao Tieyong copper production process of magnesium alloy contact wire technology in China has led the world, products of high conductivity, high strength technical index is higher than the international advanced standard. 。 China's independent development of KV HTS cable has independent power supply and safety operation in baosteel in recent years, technology leads the world level. 。 KV, dc transmission line and its lead in the international leading level. 。 Miscellaneous copper fire refining scrap directly for rod production and equipment technology has entered the international advanced level. 。 Electrician copper alloy, copper alloy material to the electronic development. 。 Replace the aluminum clad steel wire aluminum manganese alloy clad steel wire, will improve the service life of the transmission line, Japan has entered the stage of trial. 。 High conductive, super high conductive and super conductive aluminum magnesium alloy has been developed in Europe and standardization, can reduce the transmission loss of overhead transmission lines, etc. A trade war with China to affect the uncertainty about the us cable industry to raise tariffs on the non-ferrous metal industry upstream products less affected, downstream products the industry transfer bigger challenges. Copper in direct product exports to the United States the total exports. %, copper exports accounted for copper products in the country. %, the copper products exports accounted for the domestic copper industry production. %。 Copper is affected by a trade war end product sales disturbance mainly comes from the downstream consumption. Trade impact on the downstream of the non-ferrous industry mainly include electric motor, electrical and mechanical equipment, transport aircraft and train tracks, together make the % of the value of exports to the us.
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