Rubber products process ingredients link can not be ignored

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Rubber products process ingredients link joyu P can not be ignored, it is well known, is the interaction of people and the environment, 'people create the environment, and environment changed people'. Along with the development of the era, the traditional batching system to be being washed out gradually, enterprise's survival space has become crowded, so many enterprise innovation, the company continued to accelerate the process of automation equipment, ingredients and rubber process link can not be ignored, after years of research and development, zhongyu new automated batching production system arises at the historic moment. The whole production line adopts computer control technology the system to supervise and control the whole process, changed the traditional artificial ingredients for the operation of the trouble, accuracy is not high, the number of formula is not easy to control, low production efficiency, high cost of production, product quality is not stable and some other boss. The advantage of the whole equipment control system will be fully automated develops acme, realized no one hour check-in can remote issued orders to complete correctly production tasks, the project by elevating conveyer are computer program control, timely feeding, shut in time. Weighing metering are set in the control system according to the formula, in turn, automatic feeder, weighing, measuring each raw materials, to achieve automatic batching automatic discharging, save a large amount of labor in the production cost and Labour intensity. The whole equipment is completely closed without dust leakage, adopting the multipoint dust catcher, the loading port and discharging port dust collection, along with all the optimized the working environment and ensure the staff's health. Control system is to adopt advanced PLC intelligent programmable automatic control system operation control, real-time display the weight of each material system, automatic correction drop, increase the stability of end products. Ingredients in the production of rubber factory is an important working procedure, the precision of ingredients can sometimes play a decisive role. The introduction of automatic batching system greatly solve the rubber additives, rubber products, rubber raw material ingredients industry exists many problems, at the same time, the batch plant dust, the ingredients work unmanned, lowering the cost of enterprise production and management strength, improve enterprise production equipment technical level and technological content of products. Improve the corporate image. http / / www。 他。 com. cn/index。 php吗? _m = mod_product& _a =视图 p_id=
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