【 Poly petrochemical learn encyclopedia 】 Engineering plastics, more efficient drying method

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] 【 Poly petrochemical learn encyclopedia 】 Engineering plastics, more efficient drying methods qybee P & lt; Div> for many processors, dry material is an inevitable problem, satisfy the needs of engineering plastic this is special, the purpose is to make good quality products. In terms of two aspects of processing and energy consumption, the drying operation may have the potential to save, make the different evaluation of the advantages of relatively rich value of the machine. At the time of the dryer investment decisions, price should not be higher than that of all elements. On the contrary, the decision must be based on full assessment of cost and technology basis. < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> with the increase of process water, material shear viscosity reduced. Flow performance in the manufacturing process of the change of performance in a series of process parameters and the system of the quality of the product. General process of moisture effects is too much pressure or foam. If because stagnant long residual moisture content is too low and the viscosity increases, it will lead to inadequate similar filling mold problems. Caused by improper drying and other visible defects including water lines or material yellowing caused by stagnant time is too long. Performance changes of the main problems on the products can not directly visible to the naked eye can see, but only by properly test can be found in the ingredients, such as mechanical properties and dielectric strength. < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> when choosing drying process, the drying properties is critical. Materials can be divided into hygroscopicity and moisture absorption. Because of its physical and chemical structure, hygroscopic materials absorb water from the surroundings, and constrained them within it. The hygroscopic material can't absorb moisture from the environment. For non hygroscopic material, any existing in the environment of water retention on the surface, to become a 'surface water', relatively easy to be cleared. Colloidal particles made of non hygroscopic material also can because of the effect of additives or fillers and become capable of moisture absorption, and then absorb the moisture from the environment. Estimate of the a process of energy consumption and the complexity of the processing work, so here presented numerical value should be as a guide only. < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> s the paper keywords: environmentally friendly flame retardant ABS | halogen-free flame retardant PP flame retardant PP | | low smoke zero halogen wire and cable material & lt; / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> if you are interested in our products or have any questions, please click on contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or call:, poly petrochemical learn - — You close the way of manufacturing experts & lt; /div>
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