Photovoltaic power station in our country's 'big players'

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Photovoltaic power station in our country's 'big players' globledata P from a 10-year, photovoltaic power station investment market in China, is moving into the era of giants. Look at in various capital: in the field of photovoltaic power station Evergrande, investment in people, China's ping an, CDB capital, sequoia capital and so on big financial capital, have layout photovoltaic power station project investment. This also means that the photovoltaic power station in China investment structure, significant changes have taken place in the beginning of a single enterprise average scale of investment and 30 mw, jumped to the levels gw even for gw, and the latter is has become a mainstream trend. Big money into, will no doubt help to complete the annual target of assembling, and then the demand for the whole hierarchical industry bring certain support. For these deep-pocketed investors, if you can, with its own advantages of, in the ecological aspect of the long-term development for industry with the purpose of layout and structures, especially in the trading, asset securitization, the product around the plant financialization, it is absolutely the Gospel of the whole industry development. Whether is it outside the giant financial institutions for investment photovoltaic power station, it has huge advantage, is in terms of money. Among them, both in its itself has the capital, including its have strong financing ability. Giants have various advantages, including money, there is no doubt for the photovoltaic power station project, added more win chips. In the case of the people to vote, since declared in photovoltaic field, the company has thrown several big investment, investment projects in ningxia, henan and other places. The sweeping into of these outside the capital, in addition to do real power plant investment demand, apparently will also change the whole power plant investment market competition. Despite the existence of hype, watch a little bit about the existing photovoltaic power plant investment, it is not hard to find, for a single enterprise's annual investment, have passed each of dozens of megawatts of installed. From Evergrande group claims to have paid one hundred million yuan, to vote for the people in investment of one hundred million yuan of the year, all herald, photovoltaic power station investment are moving in the era of giants. From the realistic environment, including funds and so on resources has a huge advantage, no doubt for the access to the resources of these enterprises in the project to increase the chip. With the people to vote as an example, its registered capital of one hundred million yuan, with credit reached one hundred million yuan. As the first stop of its investment in pv projects fall to the ground, held in ningxia tongxin MW photovoltaic project commencement ceremony, including Wang Heshan, vice President of ningxia hui autonomous region, ningxia autonomous region government deputy secretary-general Xue Gang etc. The local dignitaries attended. Huai-zhen li for future goals, the people vote for President, said the people in the cast will strive for the investment of one hundred million yuan in five years, achieve the total pv capacity gw, photovoltaic industry leading to achieve goals. There are always two sides to everything, as a result of the giants have resource advantage, their mass into the other market participants in terms of access to project will bring extrusion and injustice, or need to pay attention. More direct, said the local government in terms of project resource allocation, can be a bowl of water, will be a big test. At the same time, also it is important to note that these giant if 'winner-take-all' business philosophy, with its downstream control by the resources advantage, whether on the degree of technological progress and industrial chain, open hierarchical brings adverse effects. A bigger worry comes from, a by a few giant took control of 'monopoly', on the surrounding power station of trading, asset securitization, hinder the financialization development layout. In and to delegate, against the background of photovoltaic power station investment filing have been devolved to various places. For those interested in the layout of the country's companies, even in a province has successfully completed the project for the record, but because the country is no longer a chess game, it also indicates its project for the record in the province to obtain experience not just in the next province, may need to be from the beginning, this undoubtedly increased some project operation cost and time. In addition, the market still exist problems such as unclear investment process. From years of practical operation, the specialization of some power plant operators had a negative effect. New into some of the giants in the field of photovoltaic (pv), adopted a 'betting on' investment strategy. Data shows, whether it is 'the people', 'Evergrande' new into the giant in the field of photovoltaic (pv), or other relatively small enterprises, both increased the project investment scale in a single area. People to vote, for example, recently announced that its will cooperate with senyuan group, the two sides agreed by the river nansen source as a photovoltaic power generation project implementation and project owner, the people to vote as operations management, joint implementation of photovoltaic power station project construction, luoyang, lankao in total installed capacity of not less than MW. And in order to ensure the project schedule, some enterprises have adopted the 'don't put all eggs in one basket' approach, project investment partner choice of diversification. Anyway, photovoltaic power station has entered the era of giants, come of is all 'big players', it is indisputable fact. These deep-pocketed investors, if can with itself has some advantages, in the ecological aspect of the long-term development for industry with the purpose of layout and structures, especially in the trading, asset securitization, the product around the plant financialization, it is absolutely the Gospel of the whole industry development. But the giants in the industry the development of the strategic, long-term cultivation determination and ability to innovate, and is clearly a huge test.
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