National grid will push mall 'grid' new energy vehicles into the biggest bright spot

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] National grid will push mall 'grid' new energy vehicles into globledata P recently news, such as national grid upcoming e-commerce platform - — Mall 'grid', the mall is the most notable sale of form a complete set of new energy vehicles, small electric vehicles and charging pile and services. Despite the increased power grid mall is not long, but in the production of new energy automobile enterprises have reached a cooperation agreement with them, they are respectively the byd auto, Beijing new energy, new energy chery, saic passenger cars and jianghuai auto. 。 / KV plastic insulated power cable in terms of actual sales and the service model, grid mall will still mainly depends on new energy of local car dealers. In grid online mall to buy cars need to pay a deposit of RMB. Insiders said, 'now is still in its infancy, in businesses and products are also very limited, but is now in negotiations with a lot of new energy automobile enterprises, the future is expected to introduce more brands and types of new energy vehicles. ”RVVB*. RVVB in addition to the new energy vehicles, facilities and services charging piles become grid mall another big luminescent spot. Has now launched products total charging pile model, including ac type, once-through, one-piece, separation and discrete, prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. There are companies that produce charging pile and other supporting facilities and reached a cooperation agreement, the state grid are: Shanghai RongLing network technology co. , LTD. , Beijing Chinese businessman three-excellent new energy technology co. , LTD. , nanjing south rui group co. , LTD. , shandong luneng intelligence technology co. , LTD. , jiangsu chia her new energy technology co. , LTD. , Xu Ji group and Qingdao high-tech communication co. , LTD. As electrical energy suppliers, sales are done by the national grid of charging infrastructure, laying, operation, maintenance, is almost has a unique advantage. Compared with other auto electric business platform, network mall sell only new energy cars have distinctive traits, and the tie-in sale charging facilities and services, more of its own.
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