Nantong first cable tunnel pipe jacking construction method through the review

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Nantong first cable tunnel pipe jacking construction method by reviewing heibaocjp P, jiangsu nantong first cables and overhead lines in yonghe road tunnel engineering pipe jacking construction scheme expert commenting in nantong power supply company organization, and invites the Shanghai urban construction municipal group, China can build jiangsu electric power design institute, nantong urban construction and some of the institutions of higher learning experts and scholars common pulse of cable tunnel construction gist and technical application. Overhead lines into the yonghe road engineering is nantong first cable tunnel construction project, is now in order to promote. The judges, using theoretical analysis, the feasibility test and on-site validation method of combining the, and on this basis, combining with construction management experience and similar project cases at home and abroad, put forward Suggestions for perfecting the the cable tunnel pipe jacking construction, at the same time also discussing deeply the cable tunnel effect on the peripheral city, traffic facilities. Through the review, the participating experts and scholars agree by nantong first cable tunnel pipe jacking construction scheme. The assessment activities, the steady progress of the construction of the cable tunnel and the future operation of the safe use, have important engineering practical value.
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