'Jinbei cable' scholarship officially settled in central south university institute of materials

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] 'Jinbei cable' scholarship officially settled in central south university institute of materials JBDL P (date) (month) (year) morning, central south university 'jinbei cable' scholarship ceremony in central south university institute of materials science and engineering. Gold Cup Electric Apparatus Co. , ltd. YuNaPing Yang Chao rate, the general manager, deputy general manager, department minister Zeng Xiandao attended a signing ceremony, and make important speech. Jinbei cable 'scholarship is Gold Cup Electric Apparatus Co. , ltd. and the Ministry of Education' ', '' key universities directly under the central south university, one of the important cooperation aims to further promote the university-industry cooperation, to strengthen the construction of material science, cultivating a batch of have ideal, morality, culture and discipline of high-level talents, to provide outstanding students every year totaled ten thousand yuan of economic support, inspire them to work hard to fight with racing. The signing ceremony, the institute of materials, deputy party secretary lai-rong xiao, a professor at the welcome address, thank you for the Gold Cup Electric Apparatus Co. , ltd. for a long time on the material college discipline construction, provide support of students, said: 'the establishment of jinbei cable scholarship for discipline construction in colleges and universities to provide the help, also provided the impetus for the young students study the scientific research, is fully staffed good thing! , dean of the school of 'material, Gold Cup Electric Apparatus Co. , Ltd. , the independent director professor yi painters, speaking on behalf of the institute, professor yi said:' the Gold Cup electrician for ten years by leaps and bounds development, thanks to the emphasis on science and technology, thanks to the introduction of talent and training. 'Jinbei cable' scholarship was based on gold cup 'respect for talent, talent introduction and training talents' strategic thinking. The move not only to help the talent training, but also for the enterprise culture propaganda, the introduction of talent provides power, started a cooperation a win-win situation. 'Graduate student work department minister Bai Yi spoke on behalf of the central south university, professor of jinbei electrician work support expressed appreciation for students, and sigh with emotion said,' the cultivation of the talent is a long-term project, 'ten years trees, ents' one hundred, education undertakings which require the support of government and society. College scholarships, jinbei electrician in material is emphasis on talent, but also a manifestation of corporate social responsibility. 'On behalf of the student, graduate in his remarks, chairman yong-qin Chen expressed his gratitude to the company, and said in later life, will take the more full of enthusiasm to learn scientific research, repay society with gratitude after their graduation, return all support groups and individuals help students grow!
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