Huge demand pushed up nuclear power blue ocean

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Huge demand pushed up nuclear bon globledata P smog has become a hot topic the entire Chinese society. Social development and economic construction prematurely overdrawn our survival environment, especially the power industry as the foundation of the national economic development of the most important energy industry, into a dilemma, follow the past development of pollution caused by the way, does not continue to develop, it cannot meet the demand of economy, this how to is good? Nuclear power is one of the feasible solution. China power structure is the largest proportion of thermal power, this also is one of the origins of high emissions, high pollution, and the development of hydropower, wind power, solar energy, tidal power station and restricted many, difficult to balance the supply and demand. With the rapid development of our country's economy, the demand for electricity in all walks of life continue to increase, the expansion of power sales market and stimulate the development of the whole electric power production. Energy development can't stop, environment pollution cannot continue, then please development represented by nuclear energy become the common choice of the government and the people. Years given the national policy of nuclear power development great confidence - — As a long cycle, high technology, high capital investment industry, the importance of confidence in market prospect is self-evident. Energy revolution, 'go out' concept will be nuclear power as an important option, national leaders of the foreign affairs activities, nuclear power has become one of the most important foreign promotion project. News media that China would contract to build nuclear power plants in Pakistan, suggests that the nuclear power industry in our country exports crucial step, China's nuclear power industry formally abroad. Nuclear power plant in China three generations add CAP technology has been basically mature, hualong 1 technical performance is good, we think that the nuclear power industry has the broad market space, in the next decade will be the golden age of China's nuclear power development. Whether it's nearly five years of nuclear power planning in our country, or nuclear power application of other developing countries, will face huge demand space. Relevant statistics show that in the global nuclear power global nuclear output growth. %。 OECD( The organisation for economic co-operation and development) National nuclear generation accounted for. %, the OECD countries nuclear generation accounted for. %, nuclear power accounted for in the European Union. %, the former Soviet union countries nuclear generation. %。 Nuclear power of global energy consumption. %。 Nuclear power as a clean energy, in our country and other developing countries is still belong to the blue ocean, huge potential for growth. As the nuclear power plant construction and put into production, the surrounding areas of rapid economic development, urban construction boom at the same time, still maintained a blue sky blue water, has even spawned many nuclear power related tourism, the local people to bring huge benefits. Today, the domestic construction of mass CPR and CPR + DuiXing technology has very mature. The third generation of nuclear power has been fully consider all kinds of risk factors and accident may, from the propaganda popular science to the defense in depth, from the analysis to the safety design, from the tiny deviation to extreme events, in the direction of security no dead Angle. For every possible after the accident, but also do it for a rainy day, from the design, manufacture, prevention and maintenance, defense, each link is digging in. During the APEC summit after carbon emissions agreement, China and the United States nuclear power industry development recovery becomes inevitable. In the 'development' and 'environment' are intertwined, given after practice will prove that nuclear power is the ability to make them a 'new' air to breathe. Gain confidence at the same time, the nuclear power industry has ushered in the challenge. Released in itu in power industry, according to the running situation in transport unit, China's nuclear power installed capacity in kilowatts; Power generating capacity million kilowatt hour; The annual one hundred million yuan of investment; The number of hours equipment using lower compared to the same hour. In addition to the above data power generating capacity is higher than solar power, other data are in thermal power, hydropower, wind power, solar power and other main types of energy in the bottom. At the same time, in the nuclear power industry in our country don't have a new project for approval, in all types of energy in a most awkward position. In addition, at present, China's nuclear power accounted for a proportion of the energy consumption. %, is far lower than the developed countries and the global average. China's three generations and localization technology basic mature, the future is expected to large-scale promotion. According to the recent energy development strategy plan, to the nuclear power installed capacity in China to kilowatts, industry more than double space. The current unit capacity about kilowatts is built and under construction, according to the years of nuclear power construction, there are thousands of kilowatts of gap needs to be started this year. In accordance with the current plan, most of the planning of the project should be the start of this year, is expected in the future will soon launch a new round of nuclear power project bidding. A strong bullish on this year's trade opportunities.
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