How to view Chinese automobile recall system?

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] How to view Chinese automobile recall system? Joyu P China is officially released in (date) (month) (year) 'defective automobile product recall management regulations', until now, China automobile recall system has been implemented for a decade, so in this decade, China automobile recall system to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers to do what? Consumers in China automobile recall system to maintain the rights of the what? Car companies is how to deal with more and more severe automobile recall system? Time flies, time flies! , idle away one's time in a decade. Automobile recall system is of great significance to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, is one of the symbols of the country's car industry development mature. The implementation of the recall of countries around the world have the United States, Japan, Canada, Britain, Australia and China, etc. Recall is car companies responsible for the consumer, arranged by automakers, financial and material resources, human has been put on the market of car for troubleshooting, eliminating possible hidden trouble, is a kind of right action. We must change concept, recall is not equal to the vehicle is absolutely a bad car, more is not a shame. Recall is not terrible, terrible is car never recalled. As auto consumers should reach relevant departments actively cooperate with car recall system. Change, don't be afraid to recall. From the perspective of the causes of years recall, range is becoming more and more confused. Due to have parts defects included in the recall, so as a part reason involves recalled vehicles more and more. Give rise to the damage of the car tyres, brake systems, electronic devices, so how to control the quality of the parts? Personally, I think there are two factors, one is innate, is a born quality is bad, the analogy is malnutrition, why, because the batching accuracy is not high, the magazine is too much, life everywhere is not long, the second is the day after tomorrow, influenced by environmental factors, not just to maintain, in the long run. The day after tomorrow can be avoided, congenital can change, so how to adjust? These accessories, basic it is rubber material, just saw rubber association news said, now the rubber market recovery, rubber machinery industry is so low status has improved, also means that the automation on the step, rubber ingredients process equipment, rubber automatic dispensing equipment, to occupy the market gradually, zhongyu technology rubber dispensing equipment also occupy advantage. And China also need to actively introduce relevant technical personnel, for automation equipment and enough preparation in the disputes. With the continuous development of China's auto industry, the diversification of related recalls, complicated, and the feature of large scale have become more and more obvious. Automotive technical progress can change quickly, as the relevant regulatory authorities, must also rapidly improve their technical ability, to adapt to the new situation of the automobile quality control ability.
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