Dry cable head and heat shrinkable cable head

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Dry cable head and heat shrinkable cable head practice sanewcable P indoor cable head has a lot of kinds, including indoor dry bag type, heat shrinkable type, paper insulation pouring type and so on. But generally used in low voltage power distribution project is doing package and thermal shrinkage. Dry bag type: material just using the high voltage tape, color tape, plastic zone, terminal blocks, etc. , using artificial directly, no additional protection on the cable core. Heat shrinkable type terminal head: adoption of plastic gloves, plastic heat shrinkable tube, color tube, terminal blocks, etc. , are using alcohol blowtorch hot shrinkage, shrink tube, first hand set again, phase color tube, pressure terminal blocks. And dry bag type, way of heat shrinkable protection level is higher, core with a layer of plastic pipe protection, relatively more beautiful, also, of course, the price is high also many, square gloves will probably dozens of dollars. Construction organization design is a play after his own formulation of party a, design of cable head according to the requirements of the request, no requirements can choose their own way. In practice, there is no prefabricated branch cable head, branch cable is finished, according to the height and the length of the branch by manufacturer processing, can be lifting directly arrived at the scene, in the same way as the cable head and ordinary cable head, makes no difference. Cable branch of baotou is not the scene processing, the scene also will not be able to process. The statement is wrong on the second floor, so can only use the T joint terminal box or puncture clamp branch. Dry bag type cable head generally used in low voltage cable, insulated plastic tape winding for dry cable head. Pouring type cable head generally used in purchasing high voltage cable head, he is a complete set of finished product mould, in place of insulation glue is formed after pouring type cable head. Heat shrinkable type cable head generally generally used in high and low voltage cable head, he is a purchasing finished product heat shrinkable tube and hot hand set of step by step, gradually fitted with a blowtorch baking heat shrinkable tube and retreating, heat shrinkable tube and hot hand set of hot will tighten after see cable head. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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