Dissolve excess capacity and promote cable enterprise transformation development

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Dissolve excess capacity and promote cable enterprise transformation development heibaocjp P & lt; DIV class = rich_media_meta_list> China China international exhibition cable and wire cable and wire exhibition & lt; DIV风格= '显示没有' id = = profile_container js_profile_qrcode类> < DIV class = profile_inner> China international exhibition of cables and wires WeChat ID wireChinaExpo functions is introduced by Shanghai electric cable research institute and Dusseldorf exhibition ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , sponsored by the China international exhibition on cable and wire wire China founded in years, is the world's second, the region's largest and most international exhibition of cable wire. < / DIV> < / DIV> < / DIV> < DIV id = js_content class = rich_media_content> wire China international cable show objectively speaking, wire and cable industry in recent years, more active, active is the main reason of the wire and cable industry there have been some new changes, such as industry increases, the number of media industry sales mode also change, as a typical traditional manufacturing industry, wire and cable industry are also through a variety of ways to carry out transformation and upgrading. This is good, but on the other hand, wire and cable industry overcapacity problem increasingly prominent, causing domestic wire and cable industry increasingly competitive, but also contributed greatly to the development of cable companies. Therefore, dissolve the excess capacity is the enterprise on the road of development is bound to solve the problem. And wire and cable industry overcapacity markets tend to be low end the market, is also a traditional market at the same time, more important markets. Important market appeared excess capacity, no matter for which cable enterprises is to a block, especially for industrial development. In recent years, China's medium and low-end cable excess capacity, due to low barriers to entry, and local governments 'give money, to the land, to the policy' of the booster, wire and cable companies have sprung up. Development up to now, wire and cable industry has become the electrical appliances industry in the second to the automotive manufacturing industry, now a few years ago, an annual output value of one trillion yuan. As the government to reduce investment in infrastructure construction, excess capacity contradictions highlighted immediately. Under normal circumstances, an industry capacity utilization is lower than % can be called a surplus. And at present, wire and cable industry capacity utilization in the % of the left and right sides, the severity of the excess capacity. High-end cable are in short supply, for the international cable giant paved the way to China's expansion rapidly, prysmian, Italy, France nexon, gm and other international cable giant swift development in China, just a few short years comes the remarkable market. Cable enterprises in China need to accelerate the research and development 'fist' products, in the local cable market ACTS as a 'hero'. In the world's main cable production market, wire products production in China has accounted for % of the world, the world's first. With the rapid development of the Chinese market, and modernization continues to advance, China will continue to dominate the global cable product productivity growth. Relevant statistics show that, although foreign investment, joint venture cable enterprise accounts for only about % of the total domestic cable companies, but the market share nots allow to ignore, especially high-end cable market, almost split up by foreign investment, joint venture. But the fact is recognized China as one of the world's largest energy infrastructure market, at present is still in the high speed development stage. Dissolve excess capacity contradiction inevitably bring pain, and even bone. At present, the cable industry has been the pursuit of scale development stage, the present stage must pursue the development quality and efficiency. From the global and the long term, must contain further aggravate contradictions, and guide good investment direction, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry, from the 'power cable' to 'power cable'. Many cable giant mergers and acquisitions, integration of cable companies, strengthening the construction of distribution channels and consolidate market position, cable industry gradually become the development trend of mergers and acquisition. At present, the global overstretched cable production enterprises, has already begun to make strength slightly stronger cable enterprise merger, acquisition and reorganization of the strides. The latest release of the State Council 'about resolving the contradiction of severe overcapacity guidance', resolutely curb blind expansion of production capacity was determined, rectification of illegal production, elimination and out of backward production capacity to resolve serious excess capacity contradictions eight specific tasks. The elimination capacity, control from the source of new project, known as the most tough new measures. In contrast, wire and cable industry, the grim situation of excess production capacity of low end products. Now, therefore, no matter for the cable industry, or for cable companies, dissolve the excess capacity is the top priority. Beat the market share of low end products rely on business philosophy will be unable to have a foothold, countries for the development of the enterprise transformation and upgrading of the call for cable companies. Expect industry businesses in this round of transformation can be found in their development of a new direction. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC) < /DIV>
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