Buy cable commitment cash on delivery discharge after lied about the money on the move

by:AAA     2020-03-09
Buy your cable, you help me deliver the goods to the warehouse, then I take you to get the payment; In the process of taking you to get the money, my partner went to the warehouse to transport the cable, and I also fled. It was such a simple process that five men formed a fraud gang and committed three crimes in Jinan, involving more than 200,000 yuan. Recently, the Licheng police arrested the five men. On the morning of March 9, a man with a Southern accent came in from a cable company on Beiyuan Street. Buy cable, and the price is negotiable. The man looked like a boss and asked for more than 70,000 yuan at once. The operators of the cable company are naturally very happy. Subsequently, the man proposed to send the goods to his warehouse in Jinan, and then the person who will take the delivery to get the money. The cable company agreed and then sent the cable to the warehouse designated by the 'South boss; Later, the 'Southern boss' took the delivery person to get the money. After a few rounds, the 'Southern boss' suddenly looked at the empty space and slipped away. The delivery person felt bad and quickly informed the person in charge of the cable company; And when they arrived at the warehouse, the cable was gone. After counting, the total value of the cheated cables was 74406 yuan. The cable company immediately called the police. After getting the clues, the police 'laid out'. In fact, it was a gang with 5 people who cheated the cable company Beiyuan Street. The 'Southern boss' who came forward was only one of them, there are others who are responsible for the lookout, shipping, etc. The five men are 43 years old and the youngest is 23 years old. Four of them are Cantonese and one is from Guangxi. They fled to Jinan from February and committed three consecutive crimes, involving more than 200,000 yuan. The Licheng Public Security Bureau deployed the third criminal police team and the Wang sherenzhuang police station to form a task force. After a series of investigations, the police obtained clues: The gang will defraud a cable company in beiquanfu on March 11. Therefore, the police of the task force worked out detailed arrest measures and began to lay out the layout in combination with the geographical situation of the trading place. Three working groups carry out control: one group is responsible for dressing up as a deliveryman, one group is responsible for tracking the suspects who come to pick up the goods, and the other group is responsible for catching another suspect who comes to pick up the goods after unloading the goods. After chasing out two kilometers, the enemy was captured. On March 11, after more than two hours of patient waiting, the suspect entered the sight of the police and disguised as a delivery person, after the 'delivery' police unloaded the goods under the 'lead' of the suspect and left the unloading place, another truck appeared immediately. When the truck stopped and started loading, the police began to arrest separately. During the arrest, the suspects quickly dispersed and fled. With good physical quality and excellent skills, Lu Xinyuan, the investigator of the third team of the criminal police in Licheng, after capturing two suspects with his comrades, pursued another suspect alone; Because Lu Xinyuan's capture of the two suspects delayed some time, and the suspect fled desperately, the distance between the two was nearly 500. Lu Xinyuan insisted on chasing, catching the enemy and capturing the suspect after chasing 2 kilometers. At present, the five suspects have been criminally detained, and the case is under further review.
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