2015 the new trend of development of the distributed photovoltaic east China six provinces and one city peak BBS

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] The new trend of development of the distributed photovoltaic east China six provinces and one city peak BBS allenli P (date) (month) (year) in China. Hangzhou new electric change, change and innovation of new opportunities on the Internet + photovoltaic invitation conference guidance units: the Chinese renewable energy industries association cooperation overseas institutions: Japan sunlight electricity association ( JPEA) Joint organizer: sunshine craftsmen photovoltaic net KLEXHIBITIONS co-sponsoring organizations: led Chinese activists UMECHINA assembly house strategic cooperation mechanism: intelligent photovoltaic industry association ( SPIA) Shanghai new energy industry association (solar industry association photovoltaic industry association, jiangsu province, jiangsu province, zhejiang province renewable energy industries association in anhui province association of renewable energy solar industry in shandong province association of new energy industry association for the advancement of science and technology of fujian province hangzhou solar photovoltaic industry association of changzhou photovoltaic industry association conference chief support media: sunshine craftsmen photovoltaic net ai lai photovoltaic pv industry observation net Polaris grid north star new energy grid ou le photovoltaic solar photovoltaic net century network ENF China energy storage network distributed energy grid PVP first gather energy grid photovoltaic power station network conference network enterprises designated netscape news release: pr newswire press releases online commercial telecommunications assembly financial support media in China: sina finance and economics, netease finance with dispatch conference of finance and economics background: new electric change ice 'placement' sell electricity marketization activation of distributed photovoltaic forthcoming 'several opinions on deepening the reform of electric power system for clean energy, renewable energy, especially in China's fledgling distributed energy, people to the core content of new electric change - — Lateral 'sell electricity reform' ( Placement of separation) That sell electricity business let go is more happy. Grid placement of separation, will have generated a large batch of electric company in the future, and they formed between fully market competition, will change the distributed power generation, especially the problem of distributed photovoltaic access ( Spontaneous self-used outside some allowance for Internet access, or even a full access to the Internet) 。 At the same time, it will be reversed transmission of photovoltaic power generation costs down further, Parity on the Internet) To attract more capital into distributed photovoltaic field. Focus on east China distributed photovoltaic application market distributed photovoltaic has small, scattered, access, on-the-spot use nearby, spontaneous for private use, Internet access, redundant power distribution side, wait for a characteristic, very suitable for individuals, enterprises and institutions such as custom photovoltaic applications. A series of photovoltaic power generation in the country policy guidance and support, driven by the country built a large number of distributed photovoltaic power generation project, according to the existing project experience and with the regions, in the following areas for development: (distributed solar power project ) Industrial electricity price is high, and users with daily power larger area; ( ) Manufacturing industry developed, the industrial users generally qualification is good, industrial park power load; ( ) Regional illumination time all year long; ( ) Grid stability, distributed generation convenient access to the region. Now meet the above points, with better condition of the comprehensive region include: Shanghai, jiangsu, shandong, zhejiang, guangdong, which headed by jiangsu east China area most developed distributed solar power. More business consulting Mr. Li ( (T) +( E) 艾伦。 li@klexhibitions。 Com (Mr Zhang (T) +( E) 亚伦。 zhang@klexhibitions。 Com wang ( (T) +( E) 安妮。 wang@klexhibitions。 Com, Mr Qi ( (T) +( E) 杰森。 Qi@umechina。 Com the conference website: WWW. ecpvidc。 com
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