2015 China optical fiber cable and development trends of supply and demand analysis

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] China optical fiber cable and development trends of supply and demand analysis zhdljyw P & lt; Div> according to relevant industry statistics, China's number is more than the cable manufacturing enterprises. China's production of cable is widely used in any equipment, power transmission and telecommunications transmission include home appliances, cars, houses, engineering, commercial building and so on. Even use a large number of wireless mobile communication optical cable, used to connect the base station antenna ( Tower) With the signal transmission between the terminal equipment. China's cable industry output value in year 1 $( Hundred million yuan) Are numerous, but cable manufacturing enterprises, the competition is fierce. < / div> < Div> cable of the downstream industry is numerous, and different types of cables and target customer difference is very big, so this article only select the typical Chinese production of cable to analyze: used for high speed data communication network transmission cable. The production requirements of the cable manufacturing equipment is very complicated and expensive. < / div> < Div> for optical cable, optical fiber production technology is the key. The cable is facing the same problem of excess production capacity. China cable enterprise invested in the construction of a large number of production capacity, but a significant expansion of production capacity to keep up with demand. So in the next few years the cable companies are faced with the problem is how they cope with fierce competition and how to effectively expand the export quotas. < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> the development of China's optical fiber production & lt; / div> < Div> it is estimated that China has more than home number of cable manufacturers, but most of them don't have the ability to control fiber, that is to say, most of the fiber optic cable manufacturers also need to outsourcing optical fiber. And the production cost of optical fiber cable is the main part of the cost of optical fiber. Fiber optic cable, of course, other costs include used to make plastic casing protection, waterproof, plastic sheath, and bearing the conductor such as wire, etc. For optical fiber, the cost of the main cable in so many large manufacturers have their own optical fiber drawing equipment, optical fiber and foreign sales. < / div> < Div> years, have global family can control the factory of the fiber, and the home is China. In years, the world has a home can produce fiber factory, only home in China. So in the past years, China has established the new optical fiber production factory, meanwhile other countries not to build a new optical fiber production. These figures reflected China's huge investment in expanding capacity, but more importantly, these optical fiber production scale of the factory, several of them are up to the world. In China's capacity of optical fiber drawn to. Million kilometers of fiber, accounts for the world. % of hundred million kilometers of fiber. In the requirements of the optical fiber around the world. Million kilometers of fiber. So if China's capacity are at full capacity, can supply % of global demand. And the actual production of optical fiber is from China. Million kilometers of fiber, accounting for % of the world. Although China has not completely full of all the production line, but China is already the world's largest optical fiber export countries. < / div> < Div> China's export in the years to thousands of kilometers of fiber cables, and in domestic sales of fiber optic cable. Million kilometers of fiber. Strong exports of China products in some key export markets including east South Asia and Africa are very competitive. A problem about the future market development is China can further improve the fiber capacity utilization, increase in export market share. < / div> < Div> conclusion & lt; / div> < Div> cable producers to invest in the construction of China, including optical fiber drawing and CV continuous vulcanization production line capacity, large production capacity. For optical fiber, because the domestic market demand is huge, the capacity to a certain extent, to function efficiently. < / div> < Div> in the next few years, China will still be able to maintain strong cable requirements, but high-speed growth period is over. Cable manufacturers should shift focus from expansion capacity to recover the investment costs if improve capacity utilization. One of the more important aspect is to increase exports. In the past years, several large cable factory has been successfully added in southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America market share, at the same time they also in planning for the future further increase in export quotas. < /div>
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