The national long-term nuclear power development planning ( 2005 - 2020) 'Approved

by:AAA     2020-04-23
( Industry news] The national long-term nuclear power development planning ( Years) 'Approved dragon roar day P' national long-term nuclear power development planning ( Years) 'Approved (date) (month) (year), according to the National Development and Reform Commission recently, the State Council formally approved the report to the National Development and Reform Commission of the national nuclear power development project planning ( Years) ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'plan') Another sign that the nuclear power development in China has entered a new stage. China is a country with a relatively complete industry system in the world. To promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, in the 1970 s, the State Council made the decision of the development of nuclear power, after more than 30 years of efforts, China's nuclear power from scratch, and got great development. Since years to determine the pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology route, currently in PWR nuclear power plant design, equipment manufacturing, engineering, construction and operation management has initially formed a certain ability, laid the foundation for the realization of the scale development. Nuclear energy has become one of the human use of the important energy, nuclear power is an important component of the electric power industry. Nuclear power does not cause pollution to the atmospheric emissions, in the international community pay more and more attention to the situation of greenhouse gas emissions, climate warming, actively pushing forward the construction of the nuclear power is an important policy of our country energy construction. This to meet the growing energy demand, the economic and social development of energy supply and security, environmental protection, electric power industry structure optimization and sustainable development, enhance the comprehensive economic strength, technological level in our country, has important significance. For carrying out the concept of 'actively promoting the construction of nuclear power' approach to development, realize the leap-forward development of nuclear power technology, close the gap between nuclear power with the world advanced level, the National Development and Reform Commission organization compiled the 'planning'. 'Planning' is one of the important documents, guide the construction of nuclear power in China to implement the strategy of self-independence of nuclear power development, reasonable arrangement of nuclear power construction projects, make the development of nuclear power site and reserve, establish and improve the safe operation of nuclear power and technical services, and supporting the implementation of the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear power technology development project is of great significance in aspects of security. The plan includes five parts. The first part of the nuclear power development course and current situation at home and abroad are summarized. The second part analyzed the significance of nuclear power development in our country. The third part puts forward the guiding ideology of nuclear power development in China, policies and objectives. The fourth part expounds the technical route, self-independence of nuclear power development in our country development strategy, site development and protection, nuclear power construction project layout and schedule arrangement, nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear power investment estimation, etc. Last part in detail describes the planning and implementation of security measures and policy arrangement. Put forward the planning, guiding ideology and principle of nuclear power development in our country is: unified technical route, pay attention to safety and economy, adhere to is given priority to with me, Chinese and foreign cooperation, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, realize the plant engineering design, equipment manufacturing and engineering construction and operation management of democracy, the formation of China's independent brand large batch construction advanced PWR comprehensive ability. Development goals are: to years, running nuclear power installed capacity achieve kilowatts, and projects are being built in kilowatts is carried forward to the year after continuous. The installed power generating capacity of nuclear power accounted for the proportion of less than % % to from now, nuclear power generating capacity to achieve ~ million kilowatt hour. 'Planning' requirement, to the year, in the introduction, digestion and absorption of a new generation of million kilowatt PWR nuclear power plant engineering and equipment manufacturing technology, on the basis of re-innovation, realize the democracy, a comprehensive grasp advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology, cultivating localization ability, mass construction of Chinese brands have a large-scale nuclear power plant. For nuclear power site selection and protection, according to the requirement of the nuclear power site, according to the nuclear power development planning, strict review authorized, according to the demands of the development of nuclear power are working. All regional departments should be reasonable arrangement of nuclear power project and schedule, to ensure the healthy and orderly development of China's nuclear power industry. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of planning content, the plan put forward some safeguard measures and policy arrangement: nuclear power enterprises should, in accordance with the overall requirements of the socialist market economy, establish and improve the modern property right system, standardize the enterprise as a legal person governance structure, promote the reform of system and mechanism innovation; The nuclear power equipment manufacturing and the key technology into the national major equipment localization plan, form a complete set of equipment capacity; Strengthening government nuclear safety supervision work in accordance with the law, strengthen the security law enforcement and supervision; To strengthen the construction of nuclear emergency system and accident prevention and treatment measures, establish and maintain effective defense system of radiation hazards; Establish and perfect the specialized operation and technical service system of nuclear power, comprehensively improve the level of secure and stable operation of the plant; To strengthen all kinds of talent training, improve treatment, completes the talent pool; To the designated by the state nuclear power democracy depends on the project and the domestic responsible for nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprises tax incentives and investment preferential policies. At present, the part of 'planning' has been launched, the regional various departments are working as planned. Can foresee, along with the implementation of the 'planning', the nuclear power industry will enter a new stage of development in our country, the independent innovative ability of nuclear power will be increased, the manufacture of nuclear power equipment manufacturing will enhance the level of the equipment manufacturing industry in our country, for China's economic and social sustainable development to make greater contributions.
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