The eu ROHS2. 0 instructions on July 22, in 2019 began to implement

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] The European Union ROHS. Instructions on (date) (month) (year) to implement hangong P with rapid multiplied in electrical and electronic equipment, a large amount of electronic waste is also rapidly increasing, for control of electronic waste pollution to the ecological environment, different countries or regions have issued relevant laws and regulations to control. Among them, the eu limit motor type of harmful substances of RoHS directive in electronic products. Since (date) (month) (year), requirements, all imports of electronic products ( In addition to medical treatment and monitoring equipment) All needs to satisfy the limit requirements. RoHS is to enter the eu market products and materials of environmental protection has been proved that the instruction as part of the force on the instructions of the product or material cannot issue a certificate of RoHS environmental protection will not be able to enter the market sales. RoHS。 The execution of interest about exports to the eu and electronic manufacturers, so today we'll learn about it. New four phthalates control implementation date: considering the harmful material enterprises meet the new requirements need certain time, so, EU) / specified in the corresponding transition: l) Year month date, all imports of electrical and electronic products ( In addition to medical treatment and monitoring equipment) All needs to satisfy the restrict requirements; ) (date) (month) (year), medical equipment, Including in vitro medical equipment) And monitoring equipment ( Including industrial monitoring equipment) Will also be incorporated into the control range. In addition, for products belongs to electrical category, the content of DEHP, BBP and DBP still control should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the REACH regulation appendix X. ROHS。 Annex II directive restricted substance list limit ( In homogeneous material, wt %) Lead. % of mercury. % of cadmium. % hexavalent chromium. % polybrominated biphenyls ( PBB) 。 % polybrominated diphenyl ether ( PBDE) 。 % phthalate ( Ethyl already) Ester ( DEHP) 。 % (butyl phthalate 菲律宾) 。 % phthalic acid butyl benzyl ester ( BBP) 。 % phthalate butyl ester ( DIBP) 。 %
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