The 2014 global cable shipments first more than 300 million kilometers of fiber - — China aerospace electrical

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Annual global cable shipments first million kilometers of fiber - — China aerospace electrical zhdljyw P in the global first super million kilometers of fiber optical fiber cable shipments - — China aerospace electrical, world famous market research and market research site ( 研究和市场) Published 'India in optical fiber cable market forecast. According to the report, is expected to super to optical fiber cable in India market. $( About the yuan. One hundred million yuan) 。 India's government launched nationwide interconnection projects, such as nations optical network, optical fiber spectrum and the expected G deployment pushes data transmission capacity, and fiber optic cable infrastructure expansion is very important to support the network expansion of plan. In addition, the next generation of technology, such as LTE ( Long term evolution) And optical fiber access to last mile connection, it will also promote the demand of the fiber optic cable in the coming years. In future years, because of India's national telecom infrastructure expansion, fiber optic cable in India market is expected to strong growth. As the world's second largest telecommunications market, due to the smartphone increased penetration and the growth of the broadband service demand, India show a high volume of data communication, thus created the huge demand for fiber optic cable facilities. Internet users are increasingly tend to drive applications, such as high-definition TV, video on demand, and high-speed file sharing. In response to a surge of high-speed data transmission requirements, the Indian government and telecom giants are physical capital investment to upgrade the country's telecommunications infrastructure. Using the advanced optical technology, the existing copper network is an overhaul. All of these factors are pushing the development of the fiber optic cable market in India.
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