Talking about the influence of soap liquid on pulling wire

by:AAA     2020-03-31
In the process of producing copper monofilament, we often forget the maintenance and maintenance of soap. In the actual production process, maintaining soap is a major prerequisite for efficient and high-quality production. Soap plays three roles. Cleaning, during the stretching process of the copper rod, fine copper powder is continuously produced, and the soap solution continuously washes the die hole to avoid the blockage of the die hole; Cooling, heat is generated when the copper rod deforms, and the liquid soap quickly transmits the heat to reduce the temperature of the copper wire and the die hole to prevent the oxidation and discoloration of the wire due to too high temperature; Lubrication, maintain a layer of lubrication die between copper wire and die hole, avoid direct contact and adhesion between die and metal, reduce friction coefficient, reduce friction, and make metal deform evenly along the force direction, it can also increase the deformation degree of copper, reduce energy consumption and the number of processing channels, and prolong the service life of the mold. It can be seen that the quality of soap will directly affect the quality of the cable. There are three aspects of the effect of soap liquid on the cable :(I)Concentration, lubrication effect is closely related to concentration. As the degree of soap solution increases, the friction coefficient between copper and die wall decreases, the corresponding friction force also decreases, and the tensile force also decreases. On the contrary, the friction increases and the required tensile force also rises. However, if the concentration is too high, the viscosity of the soap solution will also rise, the effect of flushing the die hole will decrease, and the copper powder produced in stretching will not be easily taken away by the soap solution, resulting in quality problems such as Groove lifting on the wire surface; The concentration is too small, the copper powder is easy to be suspended in the soap solution, and it is not easy to precipitate, which will affect the lubrication effect and the surface quality of the stretched monofilament. Therefore, the control of concentration is very important. Compared with copper da la, the concentration is 5% ~ Between 8% is an ideal state. (II) Temperature, when the temperature of the soap liquid is too high, the heat generated when the wire is stretched is not easy to take away, so that the temperature of the copper material and the mold increases, and the monofilament oxidation discoloration, reducing the service life of the mold, it will also affect the strength of the childish lubricating film and the lubricating effect will decrease. Soap temperature is too high, but also easy to produce oil-water separation phenomenon, will affect the life of equipment and mold. The temperature of copper large pulling soap should be controlled at 25 ~ 55 degrees Celsius. (III) Cleanliness, simply speaking, is its pH value. When it is acidic, anaerobic bacteria are easy to breed in the soap liquid, causing the liquid to blacken and stink, and corroding copper materials and equipment; When it is strongly alkaline, the soap remaining on the surface of the copper wire will also cause corrosion, so the pH value of the soap is 7 ~ 7. About 5 is the most suitable. There are two external factors that affect soap :(I) The circulation volume, the circulation volume of the liquid in the soap pool to the inside of the equipment is large. If the circulation volume is small, the temperature in the body is high, and the flow rate is slow, the heat dissipation effect is not obvious, and the above (II)The situation described in. The circulation is large, not only the cooling effect is good, but also affects its cleaning effect. The soap liquid has been circulating all the time, and the inside is filled with oxygen, which is not easy to breed anaerobic bacteria. (II) The ventilation effect between soaps, the air circulation between soaps will not form a sealed environment, anaerobic bacteria have no suitable living space, so that the life of soap is guaranteed; In addition, the ventilation effect is good, and it also has a slight influence on the temperature of the soap liquid. The soap liquid pool can dissipate heat quickly and avoid the phenomenon that the oil temperature is too high. When we consider the wire drawing process, we should not only consider factors such as mold matching and equipment, but also soap liquid is a link that cannot be ignored. Only when all links are connected with each other can our products be of good quality and quantity, to reach a new height.
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