Rubber weighing batching system reference scheme

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Rubber weighing batching system references joyu P weighing batching system is the key to the plastic rubber production working procedure, the accuracy of the ingredients directly affects the quality of the plastic and rubber. Weighing ingredients batching system is mainly used in multicomponent continuous ingredients and intermittent dosing process requirements, applicable material containing granular material, sheet material, powder, liquid. Main applications: chemical fertilizer industry powder, granule, powder, mixing ingredients sealant industry liquid powder, granule batch blend of rubber and plastic industry continuous quantitative weighing ingredients metering feed grain seed industry. Volume type weighing batching system. Set the motor speed, according to the volume calculation the weight of the detection in the prescriptive time. The same components of raw materials, precision test comparative weight within the given time. Precision is usually a plus or minus. %— %; 。 Weight type weighing batching system. The weight of the batch tests were compared with set point, to adjust the next batch of raw material weight. Same composition of raw materials by artificial and equipment mix, compare a variety of raw materials ratio of degrees. Usually for plus or minus the matching accuracy. %— 。 %; Way of conveying screw, belt, vibration, to improve the liquidity of powder material, there are abundant experience system features:, closed-end ingredients, professional dust collection system; Refueling easy to clean, no residual scrap. Section of the feed speed, airtight wind design, fast delivery, measurement. A variety of combination of form a complete set of measurement, meet different needs. VAT amount digital control to provide real-time stock information. Can add formula measuring bar code management, no mistakes. Service bunker, hopper, design, manufacture, installation of steel structure platform weighing batching control system design, complete set, installation, debugging, investment analysis results:, control the quality of our products and avoid quality problem caused by mismatch, leakage with the enterprise loss, quality traceability, maximum limit reduces the labor intensity of workers, ensure worker health, barcode mistake proofing, reduce material waste
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