Label robot, packaging industry 'star road'

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Label robot, packaging industry 'star road' joyu P and s, because of the limitation of people's life at that time the economy to the market is not a lot of food and related aspects of the demand, then in the packaging industry mainly depends on artificial manual operation, but efficiency of artificial labeling will face the first ash, attached with a skew, uneven thickness of glue and fold and a series of problems, so as the demand of the market, people gradually realize the label robots is important, now, is widely used in food, feed, fertilizer industry, etc. Label robot is a very young industry, industry is developing rapidly in recent years, however, in the packaging industry rise gradually, it greatly improves the work efficiency, and attached with a location accurate, good quality, high stability. And in a certain position in the packaging equipment soon. Robot can label on the automatic weighing packaging complete type bag sorting, folding, labels have FengBao after sequence process, can reduce the amount of field personnel, reduce the workers labor. The label robots can achieve ~ package/min ( And the packaging scale speed and the speed of artificial) , used in kg woven bags, paper bags, plastic bags, such as open pockets; Similar particles, powder packaging label sewing, make label stitched in bags of the lateral, review state labeling requirements. Also break alarm automatically breakage, avoid leak phenomenon. Have to say, the prospect of label robot industry was widely anticipated, as a result, the word intense environment, automatic label making machine industry to satisfy different customers' needs, ensure that the user required to produce the development opportunity, do not malicious competition at a low price, with quality as the core of enterprise marketing management, promoting the healthy growth of the label making machine industry. Label is the key to consumers understand the ingredients, along with the national policy of oh label on strictly regulate, consumers in the regular store seems to be difficult to find no item labels. www。 他。 com. cn
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